Monday, May 30, 2011


I HAD A DREAM! Somejuat strange. I was listening to some medium age lady tell the story about what a rip off was the cost of some silk flowers or ear rings she had bought.

Your humbleness responded that people would never say something similar regarding doctors, mechanics surely, but not doctors.  Periodontists are the WORST. I have never met an honest periodontist. They all think your mouth is a gold or diamond mind to dig into.

My last experience included a badly infected tooth. The yellow belly scumbag periodontist in Auxilio Mutuo, was talking about a root canal while doing a gum treatment for five hundred bucks.  No mentioning of the painful, swollen, infected, tooth I had to go somewhere else to have extracted.

All periodontists, no matter if Chines or Hebrew or islanders behave like land prospectors, pawn shops proprietors. They will rip you off with a friendly smile.

What is the big deal? Well in the dream, one guy interrupted the dialogue or collective monologue to declare that in no such
way of speak was permitted.  I thought that he meant something else and inquired until I understood the message.

What he meant was that my discourse about doctors being scam artists overpaid like many other professionals could start intense  arguments on the premises if other customers expressed with similar blunt/abrasive register his/her opinion. I agreed, glad to have understood. I was not a gag order, but advice regarding unwanted possibilities.

This dream has brought memories about the blog and life in general. My register is unpalatable for many readers. But put it in context. I am not looking for friends, my country has been destroyed by avaricious politicians, ministers, attorneys, architects, government officials, engineers, preachers and all the accomplices you  may add.

My anger has some immediacy that you reader in BIG countries may have never felt. If something goes wrong here you could move there. I have no place to go even If I would not mind Canarias, Australia, Colombia or New Zealand.

Therefore my tone. Living amidst people with remedial and special education personality traits is not easy. For these reasons I will always cut the chase and will not go around the bushes under any circumstance. You dear reader do not have to agree, but have an argument either way. That will suffice.

that is that


  1. No encuentra interesante el autor que a lo largo de décadas son las series dedicadas a policías, abogados o médicos y que muestran a estos profesionales como santos que caminan entre los hombres una constante en la programación de los canales? Como si todos los médicos estudiaran por vocación de ayudar a sus semejantes. Obviamente es otra la vocación en muchos casos. Que se mejore.

  2. Realmente es una tendencia que empezo hace seis o siete decadas, pero la oferta ahora es mas variada i traida de los pelos.

    Lo curioso es que naiden o muy pocos se den cuenta del asunto.

    Conoci siendo interprete en el Presbiterian neoyorkino, doctores/as que no tocaban a los pacientes, con cara de asco. Eso si es particular...

    Hasta la proxima.

  3. Es gente que jamas debió estudiar alguna carrera para estar en contacto con el pueblo. Pero solo les importa el dinero y eso los hará infelices desgraciadamente también al que caiga en sus manos.
    Veo que usted disfruta profundamente lo que hace, pocas personas he conocido así.

    Un abrazo.

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  5. Olive Oil, no one requires a definition, since we all went to college, have degrees. You must suffer from academic disease. My experience since my first periodontist with offices across Central Park in Manhattan, is thay YOU all are RIP OFF scam artists without any sense of decency overcharging for something that I often wonder, what the fuck is the point is to rip off someone for tooth that eventually cracked after spending thousands for the last twenty years?

    The honest way would have been to pull off the culprits and save those with possibilities.

    I had to denounce the periodontist in question for over charging moi to the Dental Association...Juat do you say OLIVE?

    Where the hell did you find your humbleness OLIVIA?


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