Thursday, May 5, 2011


ONE 'DEAR' fellow blogger from Cidra City, a wonderful and sophisticated metropolis in the neck of the concrete/asphalt isle, one half of the the Minga i Petraca Lame News Color Commentators Blog Guild, (Acosta Lespier is the other) has dropped by to check this trend setting, cult? blog. 

Too late baby. This zealot, teacher, wondered publicly if the Confused Cuckold (Memorias de un cabron confundido)
(a escathological blogger into shit, teeties, weenies, snatch and piss) and yours truly, write in similar ways as we speak.

It is significant that this wonderer pollito chicken, teacher, shared with everyjuan his predilection for such a standard bearer of obscene, porno manifestation of our sick culture blog. Charlie, a good example of what this obscure wondering about personas dude really enjoys and probably follows in a wider web spectrum at home on his spare time. Do apples compare to oranges?

Evidently he can not write/speak as I do. Nevertheless, I am not certain if  his pebble in the shoe is my, abrasive, insulting, mocking, unfriendly,  not looking for friends or disciples manner and  language usage, utterances and register.  If he was not busy becoming another Lily Garcia, he would  know/remember that, was the original cradle, five years ago. Regarding style, register and intention, bluntness and abrasiveness, all  were borne there, pal.

This pollito chicken, gallina hen teacher believes I pose, assuming another persona as in acting.  I can not help but to be the best I can. I call them the way I see them. Apparently one, two or three local islanders have the intelligence to separate hay from wheat from what I write. You can not. 

I explained in his lame blog, horrendous six grade, template and all, with some restraint, the different possible readings visitors to this or any other blog make of what is written in Shakespeare's. Pearls to hogs?

Every juan takes what is relevant from any source. The experience, education, sophistication, exposure to other cultures and judgment allows to make one's own interpretation in any blog.  What It what I write stinks: a lot, a little or somewhat.  But LAME? not a chance...

I wonder why among the two hundred Minga/Petraca bloggers in the Confused Cuckold mold, this proud teacher, chose this humble and trend setter, photographer, concrete painter/muralist (not writer), but horticultural creative critic with cultural, social, environmental and aesthetic concerns with a fresh, unusual stance,  shared with the people for such inquiry. 

After all, speech is not the same the same as writing. These acts do not require the same skills, (my spoken is better than me writing). No one has to write in the usual register/way of speech or to expect that to happen. It is not possible, darling. Kindly start a research among the Minga/Petraca Guild and share it with your thousands of LOCAL readers. A little research on the web on Linguistics may offer some light on the the subject.  I know a little about this subject, not as much as the environment, flora, fauna, diseases and such, but pretty close. You certainly barked at the wrong tree.

May the lord BlESS you. 

Dear Blogger do you write in the same manner as you speak?  Considering the apparent little essence that has been grasped here I will certainly avoid going there in the future. After all flora and fauna have no use for useless wordy and irrelevant debates. Show me you garden i te dire de la pata que cojeais.

Moving to relevant things.
This is the last square. I has been a lot of effort, energy, back, knee pain for ten days. However, the result is impressive according to me wife and Stephanie, from a far away huge island in the Pacific, Indonesia.
This plant was meant for hanging. Its beauty and fragrance is much better appreciate at eye level, or maybe a little lower.I will present a photo collection of the north garden, from the air in FLICKR, if you care, later..

that is that.
apaga i vamonoh...
tu te lo buhcahte, vihte, ehcribi como jabla el pueblo.
jaha bilingual ...

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