Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I KNOW some fans and foes have wondered about your humbleness. Well, I have been totally absorbed by a couple of projects that have not only taken all my attention, but have also screwed up me neck for remaining more time than would have been reasonable in an awkward position painting me Sixtine Chapel on the the grounds of the west garden.

Tito Collazo found in front of his residence in the crevices sculpted thanks to the intense rain and the stupidity, laziness and lack of respect to the right of the citizens from the engineer and riff raff employers building the sidewalks.

On Friday they spend most of the morning loitering in the abandoned house next door, leaving plastic cups and even the empty plastic gallons the keep leaving in the front yard of  different houses in the vecinity. They went through the motions, hiding next door every time a little drizzle fell upon them, without any desire to finish the work or pouring the concrete as it was necessary. 

As a result of leaving the work unfinished, the intense rains  on Saturday, dragging sand and rocks all the way down to San Agustin street and Ponce de Leon avenue, leaving these gullies in front of four houses. The photos will show the damage to the four layers of asphalt in some areas, along with water meter pipes and roots exposed. There is no doubt, Puertoricans do it better.

In the south garden I am working an installation with terracota tiles, broken pots and a couple of  brick s found in the street, besides the rubble left by the sidewalk construction bums.

The bricks were found in Tito Collazo's archeological discoveries, and a couple of bottles from the early 1920's. I know because I have never seen any, not even in photos. None of these a big deal, but news somehow...Antigonum Cajan does not watch the news to report. We make the news. HaJa single bilingual laugh.

Finally, I am still waiting for some seeds offered from Abq. Apparently our hero there sent them in one of those cruise ships going around the world or the Wells Fargo Pony Express.

Almost forgot about knot gardens. As you know, one could plant vegetation using perspective to create  intricate visual effects, contrasting colors, textures and sizes as in geometry with intense maintenance and pruning. Your humbleness got the idea from a fine gardening magazine...applying the concept to concrete, creating a couple of knots in a six feet area.

the photos for all the above.
Now is time to go. 

Good luck to Titania, down under who is taking some rest from blogging.

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