Wednesday, June 1, 2011


IT HAS been a while since I brought the subject. Today I took some pictures from angles not depicted previously and others known.

The commodities department is looking certainly well: Passiflora, Manihot esculenta,
Taro, Citrus aurantifolia and Capsicum will be the most productive crop so far. Papaya wise, the production went from 17 to 2. 

I reiterate that unless one has a huge family, edible gardening present a problem of  surplus, at least  in my small 'farm'. One is left with the option of giving it away since down here sophisticated networks of exchange do not exist. If they do, your humbleness does not know about them and vice versa.  

IN my view the garden is not a pretty flower here and there, monotonous rows of this or that. It is a whole, thought, planned, designed and kept, with flora and fauna in mind. No chemicals, except glysophate for weeds in concrete cracks and no absurd irrigation. In brief what everyjuan else does blindly, monkey see monkey do.

I have noticed that 8 or 9 blogs about gardening are mostly about pretty flowers. Nothing wrong with that particularly if one thinks it is cool to present macro photos that  nine hundred people have already taken and could be found in the web.

Yours truly prefers to go the other way. After all the garden stinks or not.  With a flower here and there the public can not judge either way.  Aesthetics being subjective show one's grasp regarding composition and innovation.

In the garden plants are relocated as needed. Shade, heat, snails, slugs often rule in the decision. Constant monitoring of health and pest issues are taken into account.

That is why I approach gardening the way I do. It is never a fixed, static installation. The visual, composition is pertinent, however to maintain a healthy vegetation is more important in the long run. 

If any photo tickles your fashion click on either you have it or you do don't for a better resolution.

That is that.


  1. Wow. Impressive work.
    Anyway. I was kind of a forced neighbor of yours last week and walked past the bouret street drain on fernandez juncos avenue side (related to my 184. verbalizando post) Erosion control was non existent there. I would not wonder that all the top soil that was eroded on the street (by your photos) ended up there.
    Of course, with the rains it all washed away.

  2. You should have dropped by for an espresso..Thanks for the visit.


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