Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have found the botanical names for 4 plants in my collection in two days! This is rather unusual considering that Passiflora foetida and pallida L. took 18 months until I discovered the New York Botanical Garden web site with Lord Nathaniel Britton illustrations, research and plant idenfication during the 1900 1920's in Puerto Rico along his wife.

The other 3 were mentioned in caribbean botanical review yesterday. But for all loyal readers this one Calathea loeseneri, is from Brazil. One among a few in that family with an impressive light violet flowers, reminding me of bird of paradise. 

Your humbleness has made seven video clips. Some have been shared in a couple of blogs. They reflect my view on the ugly urban reality surrounding me in terms of landscape, architecture and people. I am not to fond of most people. They are too sentimental, unable to take criticism or making an effort to be better.

The sensation after slowly improving some technical issues is of emptiness since once they appear on youtube or the blogs, that is that. There is not much any one can offer as an opinion since the truth does not require elaboration. Ugly or beauty, dumb or smart are probably universal values, considering each culture standards for each.

The writing I do with all known defects in terms of sintax, grammar and else, feels more warmth. Even if no one reads, or a few, with or without comments. It is another kind of trip.

I think I will continue doing both, but the writing deserves more affection than video clips, since it leaves some satisfaction unknown in the other.

That is that.

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