Wednesday, June 29, 2011


YESTERDAY was a day of discoveries.  I made a phone call to the hell next door in the tittle to find out the email address of Mariano Rivera, or whatever his name was, the engineer in charge of buildings and grounds to inquire again about the damned constant noise from this university.

I had the chance to chat with Beatriz Ortiz,, who politely informed your humble servant that our hero is no longer with them.  Surprise, surprise. When will this 32 acres noise plantation will hire one? How long have they been without one? 

At any rate. She was patient and kind enough to listen to my list of complains and criticism for five minutes. But provided no answers since bureaucrats are not prone to do that. When questioned about the traffic jams early morning and evenings going all the way down to Munoz Rivera avenue caused by their staff and students? " We are working on it".

My response was simple. I had informed the Dean, Mr. Ricci two years ago that assigning odd and even numbers to all with parking permits should solve the problem. Some will enter  by Eduardo Conde avenue and  others by San Agustin stret. One does not need to go to Harvard or wait two years to solve such a simple thing.

Later, I had the opportunity to chat with Nancy Irizarry,,  receptionist in the grounds and buildings office. When inquired about how long has Sagrado Corazon being without a chief in this office? "Oh, I can not tell you that". Fine says yours truly.

Give me please the email address of the president,  says the one and only. Sorry, I can not, the response. You have to call their office. Well darling I had it. But will not used it since I have written this president 3/4 times without any response. I imagine they think looking the other way will allow the problems to disappear  in time.

Which brings me to Titania a dear fellow blogger from Australia who once commented on my acerbic tone, and my burning of bridges.  Well that is still true. 

I will construct fortresses and castles. There is no point in bridges down here. Reason never prevails. But I have tried with opened hands to solve matters, knocking gently at their 
doors. But the will is strong, eventually I will knock them down maybe i a court of law.

that is that.

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