Thursday, June 16, 2011


  It was at one time believed that vegetables could not be successfully grown in Porto Rico, but now at the agricultural experiment station at Mayaguez, as well as elsewhere on the island, vegetables of the Temperate Zone are being grown from good seed and with proper cultivation.  One cause for early failures was that most Porto Rican homes are on the hills where conditions for vegetable growing are less favorable than in the valleys.
Very heavy downpours together with plant diseases, due, due to  long rainy spells, have also proved hindrances.  The uplands of the island are well adapted to coffee growing, but there is need of improved varieties, especially suited to American tastes.  Coffee land, in 1909, was valued at from $5 to $50 per acre, and sugar land at from $100 to $200 per acre.
 The citrus fruit industry, which has been developed mainly during the last 20 years, is making rapid growth.  There is no danger from frost, and New York, one of the best of markets, is easily reached.  Pineapples and many other tropical crops are grown.  The avocado, or alligator pear, and the native mango are found in all parts of the island.  Bananas also grow in most parts, and cocoanuts along the sea coast.  There is considerable trouble from plant diseases and insect pests. More cover crops, such as cowpeas, jack beans, sword beans, Layon beans, and Florida velvet beans are greatly needed to improve sandy soils, and to loosen the heavy clays.

That is that.
I have taken the liberty of deleting the last paragraph dealing with livestock, since the horticulture I practice does not.
But if you live in the Caribbean, our history in this regard can not be much different no matter the language of the master..  
I respect banana republics for both: having bananas, a hymn, currency and a flag.  But we are not in such a bad situation politically.  What to we have but cheap labor?
Prostitution and tourism? Drug trafficking, money laundering and inept politicians from top to botton...

The history of humanity has been one of pillage and rip offs to each other. The fatherland, family, state and church have been lying to ALL with their faithful accomplices, school systems in every country spreading their lies.

that is that.

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