Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raoul Servais - To Speak or not To Speak (1970)


  1. In essence, this wonderful short, leaves no doubts regarding me views on Pueto Rico and most of the world.

    An intermission, If I may....

  2. Interesting short films. He is not mentioned much locally, most info is in belgian. So true in so much levels. The most recent being the whole game with Obama. Obama played the Fortu/no team. Alejandro Padilla thinks he is the man of the hour because he spoke to the POTUS. Will anything be solved? Sadly no. We'll continue to act as the lapdogs of anything from the North.

  3. It is a pity film wise, there is much out there no juan knows about, or learns when whomever dies, as in this case

    Regarding the isle scenery I agree and add...and every juan is so proud of their respective analysis and solutions...Juat the heck...Thanks for dropping by..


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