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  Farms and crops.  In 1910, Porto Rico had 53,371 farms, embracing 2,085,162 acres, three fourths of this classed as  improved land. Average size of farms is 35.7 acres.  
All farm property including land, buildings implements, machinery and livestock is valued at $102, 379,000, just a little less than three fourths being invested in land.   The average value of a farm is given as $1,754.
Of the farms listed in the Thirteen Census 44,521 are operated by white farmers  and 13,850 by colored farmers.
Only 2 percent of the farms are operated by managers, yet
these farms average 343.4 acres, about 11 times as great as  that operated by owners, and considerably larger than
that operated by tenants (21.7) acres.
The average size of farms operated by white farmers (42.2 acres) was nearly three times as large as that of colored farmers (14.7 acres). Of farms of less than 5 acres there are 20,650, yet there are 207 farms of 1,000  acres or more.
  In 1909, the value of all crops  of  Porto Rico was $25,559, 265, sugar cane, the leading crop of the lowlands, making slightly more than half of the total.  Cane was grown on 6,806 farms, and from 145, 433 acres the harvest was 3,087,612 tons. With better seed, improved methods, and modern machinery this crop is proving profitable.
Coffee was grown on 25,433 farms and 186,876 acres the yield being 52,717,727 pounds valued at $5,292,179.  Another staple crop is tobacco, grown on 8,329 farms in 1909.  The yield from 22,142 acres was 10,827,755 pounds valued at $1,938,092.  The value of all fruits and nuts grown in 1909 was !$2,293,532, more than two fifths being represented by bananas.  The value of all vegetables was placed at $1,214,310.

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