Tuesday, June 7, 2011


IT HAS been raining for the last thirty five days on a off. A pain in the arse, if you ask me. I do not understand the infatuation with rain forests, its flowers and vegetation.

In my garden the flowers of  Plumerias are destroyed by its force, to name one.  Your humbleness declares that tropical rains are the worst thing that could happen to many flowers except those corny, steel like in the Heliconaceae, Zingibeceae  and Strelitziaceae families, admired so much by Floridian hordes, with hundreds of garden accolades down here. In my opinion these flowers look better in a glass jar, than in a garden unless you have a one acre farm/space.

Too much of a good thing, all this rain..Mosquitoes multiply with the aid of plenty abandoned structures and rubber tires by the thousands. Blankets, towels, bed sheets, get smelly with the humidity.

I could not survive in one of those countries where it rains for days, weeks and months. Humidity is really unpleasant making the pavement slippery.

Fortunately the soil in me garden is ninety five percent sand, with excellent drainage, otherwise, another would be the story.
Rain is also excellent for the propagation of insects and fungi.

However, this cloudy Maine atmosphere days are nice for photography, planting, and cool sex if you think this last one is as important as news/printed media, films, and infomercials make the gullible believe: to have your pecker longer, thicker and stronger with pills or creams. This in turn satisfies your partner because they like them with those attributes, the fornication lasting longer as bonus.


Guanica city in the south of the concrete asphalted isle is my favorite place to vacation. With thirty inches of rain a year, one will rarely encounter the problems mentioned. Besides, I have always been a fan of the desert.

People, down here are not fond of it. For many islanders scarce vegetation is ugly and sterile. Thank god for stupid people. That allows the others, not belonging to that segment to enjoy those scenes, topography, geography, its flora and fauna most of the time without nasty, unwanted children hollering and doing what they do.

I think that is that. Now you go and write or think about virtues and defects of rain. Perhaps it is difficult for most to find the defects since, LIFE is impossible without water, but juathejeck, give it a try.


After my ROTHKO days, 
now I am into
the micro short film
Akira Kurosawa era.
bilingual one.
me out in youtube.

that is that


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  1. Ahora se porque ha comentado historias de mi pueblo semidesértico, en donde solo se escucha el viento en las tardes a través de los Pirules,
    y los magueyes y nopaleras hasta donde la vista alcanza.
    En realidad es hermoso (que puedo decir).

    Un abrazo.


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