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Climate and rainfall.  The climate of Porto Rico is generally uniform and, although the humidity is rather high, is delightful throughout most of the year. The mean annual temperature is about 78 degrees, while the winter months average about 70.  Summers are not oppressive and there is generally a good breeze.  Prevailing winds are from the northeast.  The mornings are likely to be clear with showers in the afernoon.  Very heavy downpours are not uncommon, from 10 to 12 inches of rain sometimes falling in 24 hours.
Winter months are drier than summer.  The annual rainfall ranges from 150 to 40 inches.
  The people.  Porto Rico, acquired by the United States in 1898, is thickly settled with a mixed population.  In 1910 the census showed 1,118, 012 people, a gain of 17.3 per cent in ten years.  Labor is plentiful and cheap.  On the whole the people are more progressive than in many other tropical islands.  There are railroads and two or more well built macadamized roads.  The cities of San Juan and Ponce have electric roads.

Many fools academicians and not still refer
to this concrete asphalt hell with no quality of life as,
Paradise or Enchanted Island. That is a bunch of crap.
Maybe, just maybe perhaps, a hundred years ago it was.
This are the stats for now, take me word or go research on your own, a click will do it.

80 degrees low/flat lands
70 degrees in mountains


171.09 in Pico del Este
29.32 Magueyes Island
If you ask me I have no idea where either one is, makes no difference.

Population by July 2011
plus the same amount or higher of 'better future/life' for their children, exiles in USA and 
the world. "Diaspora,' academicians, call them.
Now is time to extrapolate if you ask me. The islanders have a complex view regarding black and white blood/genes in their veins/family tree. Everyone wants to be white or less black. 
Parents infuse their ethnic beliefs on their children. On the celebration of 'el descubrimiento de America" or whatever, in school activities related to that event children dress up as Spaniards or Indians, never
as black.
For example if you look white, but have small ears, big nose/lips, kinky hair you are not white.  If you are telephone black but wavy or straight hair, with white features you are an Indio or a darkie as in India, but not black.  An so on and so forth. If interested find 'The 'Miscegenation in America', the authority in the subject.

Ethnic composition
76.2 white
6.9 black
0.3 asian
0.2 amerindians
4.4 mixed
0.2 other

In Puerto Rico, just like medieval times in Spain where one had to prove purity of blood or not being Muslim/Hebrew, race related issues are pretty interesting, rarely mentioned or discussed. I am not black, have nothing against blacks, but will never call affectionately one, negro/negra/negrito/negrita as it is usual in some circles. Condescending I am not.

Nor I believe they have rhythm/music/art/ grabbed by the scrotum.  It is just that society in general is racist scumbags not allowing them blacks to be. That is why there is just one black judge in our highest court and Mayra Santos writing short stories.

Blacks are cool if they play ball, dance, or play music, minstrel like. However if you watch television you will rarely find one. It is like Mexico. You will see indians like a needle in a hay stack on la tele. FIN.

That is that.

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