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AS a plant collector, creative horticultural critic for the last five years, certified in Commercial Horticulture Landscape Management, in the New York Botanical Garden, I have some  credentials/trajectory/a collection  to inquire about rare, unusual, illogical, questionable situations, in the field of my vocation.  People dealing with any environmental/ecological/sustainability affecting our flora and fauna without credentials say/speak/do about things they do not have real credentials or experience to claim.  Alberto Areces Mallea, phd destroyed 12 acres with his 'agronomist',  Gabriela Ocampo in Parque Dona Ines. What better precedent in Trujillo Alto?

Read below, part of a cover letter from the director of  EYE ON THE RAINFOREST in Patillas City,  available in their site  and you be the judge.

3t, born of Zoroastrian parents in Kenya, East Africa, has been an avid explorer of the natural world and her travels have taken her all over Europe, India, Nepal, east and north Africa, and USA. Her painting and digital work have documented her travels. 3t is merely the pronunciation of 'Thrity', her name.
Since 2000, 3t lives in the Puerto Rican rainforest where she is Director of Tropic Ventures Rainforest Enrichment Project in Patillas, Puerto Rico. Her main area of interest is trees and the research and development of sustainable forest management and timber production in secondary forests of Puerto Rico. She is involved in tree planting, identification, selection for harvest, logging, sawing operations and the marketing and selling of sustainably‐grown and harvested valuable hardwood.


I read and I read, reread the biographical information of the mostly foreigners, few natives in charge, not finding relevant/meaningful credentials in pertinent fields: entomology, botany, arboriculture  and  agronomy. 

However I did find lots of words of wisdom, sustainability, good will, ecology, environmental correctness, but one huge black hole no botanical inventory of flora and fauna. 

On a phone conversation with one member of this horticultural cult, a USA national, I was reassured that  neither him nor his Sun Ra followers colleagues had any.

The strangest thing is that they do not sell plants, but the cultist demonstrated no interest in swapping seeds or plants when I mentioned, all this making the experience more weird if I may. 

It is a common trend among sophisticated people working with the landscape, propagating and collecting to exchange plants/seeds/stems unless one is a phony and unaware

Finally, while reading one article in their site with a twenty or so books in the bibliography this one, was missing:
The Once And Future Forest by Leslie Jones Sauer. Please take a note on this. All anyjuan needs to know while dealing with forests, forest restorations and or lumberyard issues is there.

When I mentioned my interest in collecting, like any average Joe six pack, he offered Heliconias.  Confirmed he did not have any botanical inventory. How can this be possible?

This adventure started some time ago, when I observed some flowers of plants  in their web site I did not recognize, nor have I seen in any reference books.  Only a fool would place a photo of an insect, animal, flower, tree without the provision or writing the botanical name just in case of any inquiry. Or remain silent after five emails trying to find out.

Show me the botanical inventory of the flora and fauna!
To Patty Boyko

That is that. 
Check their site. 
You may learn something.


  1. Gracias por tu visita.
    Espero que en tu transitar por mi pais leas muchos personajes magnificos, además ee Quiroga.


  2. Check our Site, You might learn something

    As a sustainable forestry project, we do not focus on selling of plants or trees, we sell wood and wood products. Information on the trees identified on the property, as well as the trees harvested for timber and the qualities of the wood, is available on our website.

    Unfortunately I am not personally a botanist, and cannot provide a botanical inventory of the flora and fauna on our 1000 acre project.

    I am currently working on a survey of macrofungi (both Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes) of this area, so have included my ongoing list.

    Fungi of Las Casas de la Selva

    Amauroderma sp.
    Amparoina spinosissima (Singer) Singer
    Armillaria sp.
    Auricularia fuscosuccinea
    Auricularia delicata (Fr.) Henn.
    Auricularia mesenterica Pers.
    Auricularia cornea Ehrenb
    Clathrus sp.
    Clavaria zollingeri Lév.
    Clavariaceae sp.
    Cookeina sulcipes (Berk.) Kuntze
    Coprinellus disseminatus (Pers.: Fries) J. E. Lange
    Crepidotus sp. (Fr.) Staude
    Cyathus sp.
    Cyptotrama asprata (Berk.) Redhead & Ginns
    Dacryopinax spathularia (Schwein.) G.W. Martin
    Earliella scabrosa (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden
    Entoloma sp. (Fr.) P. Kumm.
    Exidia glandulosa (Bull.) Fr.
    Filoboletus gracilis (Klotzsch ex Berk.) Singer.
    Ganoderma australe
    Gloeotromera alba
    Gloeophyllum sp.
    Guepinia helvelloides (DC.) Fr.
    Gymnopilus imperialis (Speg.) Singer
    Gymnopilus sp.
    Gymnopus sp.
    Hemimycena sp.
    Hohenbuehelia sp.
    Hygrocybe chloochlora (Pegler & Fiard)
    Hygrocybe filicina Cantrell & Lodge
    Hygrocybe melleofusca Lodge & Pegler
    Hygrocybe nigrescens (Quel.) Kuhn., var. brevispora Dennis
    Hygrocybe occidentalis (Dennis) Pegler var. occidentalis
    Hygrocybe prieta Lodge and Pegler
    Hygrocybe subcaespitosa (Murr.) Lodge & Pegler
    Laccaria bicolor (Maire) P.D. Orton
    Lentinus crinitus (L.) Fr.
    Lentinus strigosus (Schwein.) Fr.
    Lentinus sp.
    Lepiota sp.
    Leptonia caeruleocapitata (Dennis) Pegler
    Leucoagaricus hortensis
    Leucocoprinus cretaceus (Bull.:Fr.) Locq.
    Leucocoprinus sp.
    Lycoperdon sp.
    Marasmius sp.
    Mycena sp.
    Mycena holoporphyra (Berk. & Curt.) Sing.
    Oudemansiella sp.
    Parasola sp.
    Phillipsia domingensis (Berk.)
    Pisolithus arrhizus (Scop.) Rauschert
    Pleurotus djamor (Rumph.) Boedijn
    Polyporus tenuiculus (Beauv.)
    Pterula sp. Fr.
    Pyrrhoglossum pyrrhum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer
    Rigidoporus sp.
    Schizophyllum commune Fr.
    Tetrapyrgos longicystidiata Honan, Desjardin & Baroni
    Thelephora sp.
    Trametes cubensis
    Trametes elegans (Spreng.:Fr.)Fr.
    Tremella fuciformis Berk.
    Xylaria sp.
    Xylocoremium flabelliforme (Schw.: Fr.) J. D. Rogers

    Perhaps a more respectful approach and a genuine interest would have warranted a more prompt response.

  3. In other words, for our good will ambassador, FLORA AND FAUNA is just....fungi?


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