Thursday, June 2, 2011


THE FRENCH botanist Patrick Blanc 'invented' the concept of vertical gardening. Borne in 1953, is 2 years younger than this Caribbean blogger, gardener, humorist, light percussionist, provocative, misanthropist, trend setter, 'writer' and critic.

Three years ago, when I discovered him, I thought, what every juan else did. Juat a cool guy!  But some things were wrong with the portraying of the invention. It took some time, but this never resting gardener, has finally squashed the concept.

If you believe Cristoforo Colombo discovered America, click and skip. Nature discovered vertical gardening, not Monsieur Blanc. Epiphytes are the clue.

Once that is clear, then, the educated/well trained gardener/horticultural practitioner must consider the following requirements to have a healthy vertical garden.  The substrate or fiber/soil should provide  efficient capillary action to allow the nutrient solution/irrigation in a close circuit  and available light for the chosen vegetation to survive and look healthy and cool.

All the above cost money, energy, systematic maintenance and in my opinion could only be pragmatic in the first world, not ours, the other half with 3 billion of starving, without electricity, food, water, a roof, a job, schools, or a future for biped creatures.

Some fools in Florida/Puercorico buy and place their  pots in a milk crate. Later,  they nail them on a wall calling it a vertical garden.  

Antigonum Cajan or yours truly on the contrary, digs five holes in a concrete driveway,  with a chisel and sledge hammer. He plants 7 species of vines from seed, places some wires from the fence to the iron works in the windows, creating, not only a vertical garden up and down the fence, but an horizontal one also. 

Hello Antigonum Cajan, farewell Patrick Blanc,

All the above without significant amounts of money, effort and/or waste of energy, local flora and fauna in focus.The desire and/or will to be better, superior, a feeling that keeps me company shadow like.  But not in absolute terms, I have my flaws in other fields of knowledge.  and others wisdom wise.

That is that.  

them photos from the roof
are dedicated to you:
those who agree 
those who do not
known commentators
private ones
those who do not understand what the hell is going on
Por que el reino de los cielos
sera para vojotros
esta ehcrito en ese libro goldo.


  1. Antigonum no hay duda eres el ungido, mas jumirde entre nojotros. NO hay duda seras el
    Despota Ilustrado que el pueblo necesta.

  2. I like it when you say that it is Nature that created the verticle garden. Long before Patrick Blanc became famous, we already have our millions-of-years-old verticle rainforest trees on limestone hills.


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