Monday, September 27, 2010


I JUST called, 787-724-0169JARDIN DE ISLA VERDE, Luchetti street,  a so/so nursery in El Condado.  Some English dominant in dirty rags,   employee I saw yesterday, answers, transferring the call to a bigger idiot.

The question inquires the habitual reader of this blog...What matters to ME, the blunt, merciless, misanthropist, acid, abrasive  author of this humble blog...How many species in your nursery?

THOUSANDS, respond the beyond mentally retarded employee.  Two phone calls later pretending to be someone else, brought the same result. NONE.

Even in one of the highest income, education with significant foreign, ethnic representation metro areas of Puerto Rico, imbecility not only rules, it imposes the aberrant ignorance about FLORA/FAUNA.

SURE. The bad guy is I. Not them. If you like this do not miss the next issue,
Shade and fragrance in your garden or mine...Keep your eyes open.

Apaga i vamonoh.

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