Tuesday, September 7, 2010



I met JOSE BERRIOS, a while ago, watching him trying to overcome the jungle of branches of different mistakenly planted and pruned 
trees and bushes in 
FARRUKITO'S *, four feet sidewalk,
rented residence across the street, where I live. 

But  that is another story for the epilogue.  The thing is that I saw Jose, a person without  the common will, humor and insight found in the isle, this morning. 

I asked if he was really blind, responding what do I think. 

Seconds later, why did I see your picture in el Nuevo Dia?  Because I
swam the Catanho-San Juan Bay.

I took  advantage of the situation and shared a couple of anecdotes about Anita La Huerfanita, the granny with the so/so butt,  his former landlady. The bitch kick him out of his rented apartment because he pruned/cut some shitty looking Alpinias or Zinzibers without asking for permission.

Anita, that b/w itch, has a boyfriend half her age, could be her son. How old is she,  asks Jose? My age says I.

How old are you?  I am teasing you Jose..She is between five decades and six.  He calculates and smiles.

The other story is that gelatined butted Anita, was car jacked in front of her jungle-house recently. 
His eyes moved down without any happiness..But the issue is that the lord, if there is one, works/operates in misterious ways.

Let the record show this was no silly, shitty chit chat in the middle of the sidewalk. Blind people with
aluminum canes, trying to walk, finding their sense of direction, have also to deal with branches of trees and bushes in the air,  the fucking sidewalk, getting cut while they try to get through.

And since this is PUERTO RICO, USA, they also have to deal with garbage bags in the middle of the sidewalk, while they try to go through.

UNIVERSIDAD SAGRADO CORAZON, number one enemy of the community with noise and pollution is also guilty of this nuisance. Their Mahogany trees on San Agustin street, Bouganvilleas on Eduardo Conde are vegetation barriers for people with handicaps.
The illiterate supervisor and employees have no vision to foresee these issues..That is why Antigonum the humble rules and set trends.  

DARIO, apaga la luh.

Farruquito, is a pimp looking fellow
with chango blosom hair, thick chains, bracelets, double his size tropical printed shirts,  and like the original flamenco star, Farruquito, with Flamenco high heel shoes to look a coupe of inches taller.

In brief: Plants, bushes and trees could make life for other people with different needs, miserable if their growth is not kept under
reasonable boundaries.

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