Sunday, September 5, 2010


After some time working as a simultaneous interpreter/sight translator with the New York State Civil Court,  I returned to the asphalt/concrete isle.  I got tired of the segregation--segregated but equal--treatment to interpreters, rampant at 111 Centre Street.

On one hand, on the other, paying one third of my salary in taxes another for rent.   During half a life exiled, I never got used to a subtle treatment from even 'friends' as if I was an uninvited guest at their fraternity party (USA).  No difference between blacks/whites, it does not exclude other coloreds.

That was one, the other the sensation in MA or NY, that natives thought they were superior intellectually
because my English was of the second language nature.  I was able to deal with racism, prejudice without much difficulty but not this.

Hoping to have my own business later, 
I went to get my certificate in the New York Botanical Garden (2000/02), in Commercial Horticulture Landscape Management. I returned during that summer.

During that year I worked on my own not making any money; discovering that landscape and landscape installation practices are thirty years behind, not to talk about the primitive, feeble minded segment of the population with nurseries and landscape maintenance business.

To have my own became water and salt.  Later I went to work with pond scum:
Parque Donha Ines and Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation.

Those years taught me the moral fiber of many foreigners and natives in Puercorico, regarding their chosen careers.  I was also a laboratory, a chance to observe at close range the rampant white collar criminal minds in action.  Creating fraud scams right and left, ripping off public, private and federal funds for their own benefit with total impunity.  Wolves caring for sheep.
They are still doing it*.

It was also my own four acres garden in which I planted and propagated hundreds of plants out of my own money.  I made a prairie garden, as you can see in the picture at right, with just Cosmos sulphureous seeds and a trimmer.  My first creations with bricks, stones as borders, paths were there.  Thanks for the memories.

Meanwhile, in Bayamon City, where I lived at the time, there were between thirty and fifty species in Rengui's collection, my in law.  Check the picture at right.

There was the origin of my not so humble garden today.  During that time I  cut/rake the lawn, something despicable for the pollution and noise in the related maintenance in ANY context.  In consequence, I developed my own criteria on this regard and studied the issues in the web. No lawns, hedges or Ficus hedges. The 3 commandments.

to be continued

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