Monday, September 13, 2010


SOON or later one must decide to follow the talentless, contemplative and complacent majority mass, unable to beat them or to create ways to look, observe, the old omnipresent sameness in the urban asphalt/concrete reality with new EYES.

Gardening beyond the digging, dirt and hole, the Uh/Ahs!, what the average Joe Six pack finds comfortable with this or that flower, requires some depth either in thought or ability to research.

I have been forced to ponder, look within to understand the national stupidity on this regard.  

What has been the horticultural/gardening scene down in the concrete/asphalt/craters/weeds isle for the last half a century?

Landscape architects, architects, engineers, agronomists for the last five decades have been ALL feeble minded?

The answer is evident. Go and visit the Luis Munhoz Rivera Park, the only one
designed with some imagination in terms of paths, fountains, arbors/trellises
in the San Juan Metro Zone decades ago.

Or visit the headquarters of the architects and landscape architects. Check the renovations, looking at the original structure and grounds.  What these fools have done is just to copy what every other jerk in Puerto Rico and Florida believe is cute or trendy. Palm trees four feet from an elegant, elegant house now ruined with some shiny slates, that look like shit when one thinks of it, not to get into the slippery, hazardous conditions they create when it rains.

Defining the purpose is pertinent.  The synchronic study of a language (or garden*), is an attempt to determine shall we say, what is involved in knowing English at any given time; whereas the diachronic study of language (a garden*) is an attempt to trace the historical evolution of its elements through various stages.
 The recent post on Museo Contemporaneo de Arte, with a blind gardener and  architect on the board of directors is a good example of what 
gardens were down here decades ago in residences, commercial and private properties and and what they have become: a pile of tasteless, repetitive manure.

  To be continued...

Apaga i vamonoh.  


  1. A que se debe que pase esto en esos jardines?
    falta estudio, falta amor a la naturaleza o posiblemente solo observar nuestro entorno y ser generosos a la hora de tomar una decisiĆ³n.

    Gracias por tu visita y las opiniones dejadas en mi blog, un abrazo

  2. Lo que indico posiblemente ocurre en otras latitudes por igual. Es debido a la falta de cultura, tradicion horticultural de por ejemplo Inglaterra.

    Es preciso tener a mano inventarios de lo que se siembra en espacios privados/publicos, para mantener, poder restaurar aquello que tenga valor historico.

    Aqui no EXISTE tal vision, todo es improvisar, dando la falsa impresion de tener un sentido estetico, cuando en realidad cada instalacion por aqui es una mierda, por olvidar, no tener presente: composicion, escala, proporcion,aromas contrastes de: textura, colores, aroma, lo alto, lo ancho que aparece en la naturaleza.


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