Friday, September 3, 2010


Sixty days ago, or 45, I noticed a dark skinned, stupid looking being, a member of the invaders tribe, pruning a Guaiacum officinale, in the corner across Anita la Huerfanita's Jungle, Raul Rodriguez garden.

This amazingly stupid fellow was butchering this eight year old tree, leaving holes in the process.  When pruning one has to remember that a topiary has no gaps, it should be EVEN.

When the invader butcher finished, el Guayacan resembled a round Netherlands cheese with a Swiss one  identity crisis.

I could have deported the idiot for the stupidity, instead I offered to do it myself for free.  Raul agreed, and today was the day.

I started from the sidewalk  fence towards the  inside, when Ramonita, noticed the legend, opened the gate.
Then I got rid of every inside, below the canopy,  unnecessary branch, with hand pruners.

Two bags of thirty gallons were filled, without any kind of organic garbage left on the ground.  Now the Guaiacum officinale is on its way to look the best he can be.

The job was more fun with Ramonita's 
conversation and neighborhood updates.
To be shared soon in Spanish in the Photo Archives.

But what really made the day was the discovery of some really unique, iconic
plant of the Caribbean culture.

Tuberose/Azucena or Lillium candidum. Today, was the second time in four decades I got the pleasure of watching this unbelievable fragrant onion like plant in the ground. What I noticed was the long spike...When I inquired, Ramonita told me what it was.

So there fellow gardeners, the good news. The exercise in pruning got me rare to find, Azucenas!

I divided the present, planting them them in 3 different contexts. Two in pots. One clay, one plastic, and the west garden, a similar spot from where they came from.  A new species for the collection.

That is that. Apagad e idnos...

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  1. Your obtained a good reward for a kind deed. Good luck with your great find!


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