Thursday, September 23, 2010


ON one of my daily peregrinations to gardening blogs, I discovered, found, remembered?  Another fundamental quality in a garden that may pass unnoticed for the average joe/jane six pack, but carries some weight.

SOUND. This woman gardener wrote in her great blog, about the pleasurable effect of wind against her corn stalks.  Sorry I did not bother to write the link, I was lazy to do it, but let the record show the credit is hers.

I your grouchy gardener had that pleasure with Cestrum diurnum, during my times in Bayamon City, check the picture at right. 

This multiple trunk bush/tree has tiny white flowers with a remarkable scent, similar to that the flower of Passiflora edulis.

At any rate, these minute flowers create a familiar sound when they fall, just like  medium sized tropical raindrops against all leaves around.

Cestrum diurnum, from my observations in that terrace, is perhaps, one of the most useful for fauna in general, birds: Anthracothorax dominicus, Spindalis, insects, sustaining a food  chain not easily to watch from your back yard in any other place.

Spindalis, bees, flies, beetles, butterflies, hummingbirds took the nectar. Anolis lizards hung out daily, early for breakfast.  Zorzales de patas naranja, Pitirres, Changos all dropped by to eat the visitors, smaller in size.

I am sorry, well, really annoyed,  unable to provide  more botanical names of the above mentioned birds.  When I try to research, investigate issues like this, the web is useless.  The Puerto Rican Ornithological Society, 'botanical' gardens, 
have never thought of providing a logical inventory of birds in the URBAN CONTEXT. No, that is too much to ask, lets just have bird watchers in the necks of the woods names! Send them a note:,,

The other four elements? I would say/
write, color, texture, fragrance and architecture.  That is what I believe. If you have others, your own, I would like to know.


Cucurbita moshata
Physalis alkekengi
Passiflora caerulea

All these seeds were planted already.  The packets are collector items, sturdy with excellent information.  Rocalba is the company.  From Girona, Spain.

from the editor

To live among idiots, feeble minded academicians is not easy, particularly when they have credentials and tittles that should show better, quality colors.

Puercorico stinks, deeply in the San Juan Metro Zone, even when I look the other way, to keep my sanity.

Dario, apaga la luh.


  1. Totally agree with that.. although sound is one that is so easily taken for granted.. unless it is missing, or drowned out by intrusive noises.

  2. Hi! I notice you have a few varieties of hibiscus and frangipani too. I have both but different varieties.

  3. Well, Anne, the truth is that often what seems evident is somewhat dismissed, indifferent..I am paying more attention to sound, hoping not to lose it from the whole.

    One, there are 98 more species in my botanic inventory, besides the Hibiscus and Frangipani. You are invited to check the list. Perhaps you have quite a few, also..

    Thank to both for the feedback.


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