Sunday, September 12, 2010


Down by the asphalt/concrete isle, there are no public libraries.  Not as they are known in proper countries.  One has to go to Borders.  There you have to deal with phones, loud talkers, laughing
stock, and inappropriate music through the speaker system.

With some effort and concentration gardening books and magazines mostly about countries with four seasons only, are found.  Once in a while, an idea or a concept offers stimulating possibilities
to improve your installation.

Pruning is after planting, propagating and weeding the most frequent activity in me garden, or yours.   However I am not a fan.

You will find Arecas like topiaries in the island.  A paramount stupidity, with good will.  In horticulture and gardening, this virtue is totally useless.

At any rate, in the index, Bouganvilleas and Vitis vinifera, were among the few your favorite blogger bothered to read. As usual no recommendation about tools.

Pruning is a waste of energy, effort and time, unless necessary. If it is done for correction, aesthetics,  a production increase, as in orchards, fine with me.

I am not into lopers, just hand pruners and saws.  It is important to sharpen the blade, sterilize and oil it.  If any branch is more than an inch, I use the saw, careful not to ruin the bark.

If you have lots of spare time prune until you die. Even if you prune correctly some creatures like Bouganvilleas, will grow as they want. Let them. When they situation starts getting too thick, with too many branches against each other, cut from the base. If you cut in the middle or tip, you will double or triple the amount of branches.

I feel sorry for those with hedges here. In every garden, residential or commercial, out of every ten perhaps five, have a Ficus, Ixora, Ruellia, Chefflera, Silver mangrove. Silver mangrove or Bouganvillea hedges.  It is like written in stone, you do not really have a garden, there is no garden unless one or multiple hedges in the most ridiculous places shows up. 

The Puercorican Architects Headquarters is the dummy pet symbol, with a hedge, in a Zen like interior pond.

Hedges were popular in the original old FORMAL gardens of Europe and else.  Sometimes they are necessary to hide pipes, transformers, you name it, anything that is ugly.

Hedges, turf and palms are the enemy of our city dumps, with huge amounts of organic waste. Here most organic waste is  buried instead of  becoming mulch or money when you think of it.

Yet one could reach the same goal with vines and trellises without much waste and less, easier pruning..

Time to go, apaga i vamonoh.  

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