Friday, September 3, 2010


If you had the misfortune of living where I do, surrounded by concrete/asphalt always growing, multiplying as by spores, your stance on life, people will certainly be something

If you do no not know what semantic fields are go start your research. Let the record show, for this post, that one of those possible meanings is everything that is attached or related to the meaning of a word or concept.

Recently, some hurricane winds knocked down tens of electricity wires, poles and all.  The AEE, in care of  maintenance of the electrical system,  jumped at the chance, blaming the PEOPLE for planting trees below the wires.

Them trees are the ones making possible that over 200,000 islanders were left without electricity.  But no one really understand or have the little brain required to put the issues of trees in context.

Trees have a canopy, branches, leaves, trunk, roots, vascular system. All have a particular architecture or shape in terms of trunk/canopy. Some are wide some triangular, round an on and on. Some are really tall or short.

On the other hand electrical wires lack this variety of possibilities being always  installed at  a standard same height, on sidewalks, streets, backyards.

Trees are either planted by people, idiots or not, or self seed as a high percentage of wild native trees in the tropics.

To avoid the damage of trees/branches falling and braking electrical wires on  an intelligent, wise person will place the wires underground.  But in Puerto Rico, this kind of people do not exist.

The only other possibility to eliminate this chance, is to design a  well thought MAINTENANCE program to identify those trees that should be uprooted, NOT PRUNED, since their height branch system, overwhelms the electrical wires.

To do that you need an inventory of trees, street by street, by species.  Once the culprits are identified you UPROOT them an plant smaller species to AVOID the need of maintenance.  Since we are almost all concrete/asphalt now, do no plant anything cover the holes and let weeds grow.

Semantic fields forever: Trees, electrical wires, roots, sidewalks, backyards, streets, roads on an on.  Establish the relationship. Be aware that the actual imbeciles in the AEE, the agency in charge of providing and billing for electricity, lack the ability, vision demonstrated by the keeper of this blog.
Their supervisors and mostly illiterate employees, paid too much money for their job, have mutilated millions of trees for the last sixty years, multiplying
the chances for accidents, increasing the 
percentage of possibilities for winds to know down the system.

When pruning with machetes and chainsaws, every cut generate five to ten branches, for each one cut, improperly.
One does not need to go to the New York Botanical Garden to observe that.

Apaga i vamonos...

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