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I have made an effort to put aside the scam, money laundering shown in the tittle, however, when I read and encounter new ways to portray it, I can not help but to retrace my steps, painting again as in a variation on the same theme. 

la chiwinha
sierra club
arboles de puerto rico
and all the tribes for
the 'environment' 

In a not too recent past, I thought that some environmental preachers, academicians, newspapers, journalists, ariel lugo, cargas i descargas, blind country,  a widow comes to mind, our robin hood fernando pico, carmen santiago usda,  were serious about their concerns
about the environment: soil, water, air, food, flora and fauna.  ALL were informed about this scam, ALL swept it under the carpet, I have not forgotten.

It is one thing if Highway and Housing developers with accomplices in banks, 007 Recursos Naturales search, destroy and bury, the environment. But a totally different story when a Phd, with some cacti with his unmentionable name,
a researcher and 'agronomist' wife?

Everyone is afraid of having their pockets shrink, their hollow reputation, their positions affected. Grabbing the bull by the scrotum. Your humble servant is not. Let the ruffling of the feathers begin. 
The Once and Future Forest
Leslie Jones Sauer
Andropogon Associates
page 74

A forest consists primarily of long-lived plants whose reproductive sites develop above ground.  These plants are not "rejuvenated" by cutting, as turf is.  The actual damage may go unobserved because something usually regrows.  It is the shift from native wildflowers to more vines and exotics that often goes unnoticed. But every time the forest is cut, it is further simplified.

A corollary problem is the too-tidy forest that has not been necessarily brush-hugged but where too much 
of the understory has been weeded
away.  With it wildlife shelter and food vanish, as well as the next generation of forest plants.  Over vigorous removal of exotics has the same result.  The moral of the story is: Do not clear more than will be replaced naturally by adjacent native vegetation or what are able to replant and tend.

We must remember that the ground is the cradle of the landscape, the place of regeneration.  We must make every effort to avoid unnecessary soil disturbance, such as grubbing (digging out roots of undesired plants) and rototilling.  These methods may be appropriate for renovating a horticultural bed planting but are not suited to woodlands.  If the surface is presently stable, even if it is supporting only exotic invasives, beneath the soil will be roots of numerous different plants, often originating a great distance away.  Tree roots, for example are completely opportunistic, seeking any favorable ground, and easily extend 30 or more feet beyond the farthest reach of their branches.

Grubbin and rototilling also disrupt fragile microorganisms and may damage fungi associated with plants, mycorrhizae, on which good forest growth depends.  Such disturbance can also stimulate many root sprouts
of certain trees that can strongly alter the character of a site.

 The time has come to share the pictures of the butchery, Macondo, the banana plantation killing of laborers, come to mind, but caveat emptor, I am writing about flora and fauna. If you support
these institutions you become part of the scam. Parque Donha Ines, Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation, a cave with the forty thieves.  On my next post, some examples will be exposed in the order of this post. The perfect robbery on plain day light.  To finish, let the record show that the salary of these two foreigners is over 80,000 USA dollars X 8 years=644.000 bucks from federal, public and government funds, to plant
palms, turf, concrete and asphalt with  endemismo trasnochado behind.

Apaga i vamonoh Moncho Escroto, aka Ramon Couto. 



  1. Hermoso blog por cierto!!
    Mi santa Rita està muriendo y creo que ud es el ùnico que me puede decir como salvarla si?
    No atino a hacer otra cosa que a regarla continuamente..Tal vez exista algo mas efectivo?
    GRacias desde ya!!!
    Adeu!!y bonna nit

    Paulette Sol

  2. Busque en la web. Bouganvillea + diseases.
    " " + enfermedades.

    Con las plantas ocurre que su aspecto solamente no resuelve mucho, falta o exceso
    de agua, virus, bacteria, hongos.

    Por ejemplo, hay enfermedades que brotan desde el suelo/raices.

    Solo la practica continua puede permitir curar aquello que tiene cura.

    Hay situaciones en que solo basta tirar la planta y buscar otra.


  3. Hello antigonum, thanks for the information on forest ground. I can't help to look at the pictures at the right side. The gardens 'PREVIOUS AIR VIEW FROM GROUND'and 'PARTIAL AIR VIEW OF RENGUI'S COLLECTION' are beautiful. I love the way the plants are grown - different height and colour :-D


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