Friday, September 10, 2010


I met this girl environmentalist in where else? Feisbuk.  In the beginning it was all philosophy, insight, love for nature, environmental good will.  But the misanthropist within was very suspicious.  Another case of the Guaynabo City, Scubba Dog Syndrome spreading all over the isle, this time in  a far away iconic dry desert town, my favorite away from the populace spot.

I went to the wall of this syrupy, anonymous character, an there it was, a landscape  maintenance company without credentials.

I have translated in my usual pidgin English, not verbatim, one message she sent recently, not too philanthropic as one can see.
Last week the bank staff notified us we had been chosen out of 3 estimates for  6,000 feet of turf.  They just want Zoysia grass, no garden, no plants.

This type of customer state what they want, in other cases we can offer other choices.

What alternatives without plants or garden be offered in situations like this?  Gravel offers no green and it becomes a maintenance problem with the weeds.

Our employees complain about too much weeding by hand.  They want an aggressive spraying system of fungicides and herbicides, but we are mostly into the manual weeding.  This is a problem in time consumed and man hours involved.

As you dear reader can see, this a pro bono request,  consultant job, to make profits in a small business, .

I will offer the answers.  But let the record show that one should not pretend to be a good will environmentalist Samaritan, cleaning the sand in the nearby beach, when the truth, is that promotion, for one business is the real intention. Honesty is the best policy.

ONE.  Weeds have to be identified, broad leaf or not.  What do weeds want, need? What is weed blocker fabric, mulch, for? Shall we use systemic/non systemic herbicides?

The employees can identify weeds from non weeds? I am not sure. 

Can they read the instructions, make the correct mix?
What about wind conditions? Rain, during or after the spraying?  How much terrain covered with one gallon of the mix? Which is the less expensive, most effective? What type of sprayer one hand two gallons, or back pack?  Cleaning the sprayers after the job is done.  Protection garments, gloves, hat, mask?

Once the fools with the landscape maintenance with their ' credentials on their office wall' (she did not tell), figure all this, then they can proceed.. spraying. Suggestion: start your research SOON. Later, check on for the least toxic or the most, down here NO ONE CARES.

TWO. Green without plants? Astro turf is nice, or paint the gravel green, that covers the inquiry in this regard.

TREE.  Food for thought, If one plants turf/lawn/grass in most of the south of Puerto Rico, a desert,
one is a shameless son of a beach.  Then an irrigation system is mandatory, water waste, noise, pollution of air, soil,  comes next.  What kind of crap is being an environmentalist on your spare time,
and feeble minded polluter during the rest, for a profit?  Your right hand washes the left? 

Research and develop your own theories.  Propagate and study alternative ground covers organic, alive or not organic for landscapes.  You are the one doing landscape for profits.


That ended the
 kind philosophical environmental
exchanges in the mentioned social network when this humble islander
inquired about some
bartering exchange for the consultant job.

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