Thursday, September 9, 2010


Juat can I say...'Variety is the spice of life' as that song by the Doors, said decades ago...Yesterday, I had the pain in the ass pleasure of peeling a breadfruit, you know, the one Captain Blight was so careful to transport to  plant and feed the slaves in the British colonies in America the beautiful.

Believe me, is not as difficult to peel as that favorite of foreign tourists and some natives also, Cocos nucifera, for which I have just a far away interest, being a hated palm and all.

What is important is why in hell is breadfruit and not crackerfruit. Well, it was boiling, as I returned from the yard
I felt a familiar fragrance. I thought me darling was baking bread, but it was the Altocarpus altilis, a product with many gourmet variables including deserts. 

Back in the studio, the Dracaena marginata 15' tall,  found in the south garden when we moved, has been exterminated.  A pink Frangipani from seed, about 4' is now in its place.  This tree, is a clone from the original, a birthday present. There is a picture at right.

A DK succulent was relocated twelve feet to the left in the south garden.  This creature was at one time in a bonsai pot while living in Brooklyn, is the oldest in my collection, probably sixteen years old and about four feet tall.

If you have a mostly concrete yard, check the picture at right, you may encounter that when the surface is uneven, after each rain puddles will form.

The solution? Antigonum the know all, solved the problem with a chisel and
ten pound sledgehammer.

This surface is about four inches thick, it brakes even and if you buy a grill before hand, that will be the measure, in our case 10' by 10'.

As you brake the concrete have a bucket nearby to put the debris. Once the top hole is done, dig up to 2' or 3' deep, saving  the sand, in my case, in another bucket.

Now that you got an even empty whole put the original debris in the bottom, add gravel, your favorite to the top, leaving 1" or 2" to place the grill. That is that. No more puddles. It is call a French drain. The end.

Apagad e idnos...o Dario apaga la luh.

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