Tuesday, January 11, 2011


HAVE you, mostly from faraway lands reader, given any thought about the windshield factor, sorry,
wind chill? Just like I scream and ice cream...At any rate, why those people
in weather broadcasting never thought, mention it?

If wind chill is felt air temperature on skin due to wind, measuring the effect of wind on air temperature and the heat in paved areas of every city of the world is much greater that unpaved areas it would be pertinent, or not?

The enchanted isle of concrete/asphalt has an area of 3,508 miles, 110 long by
40 wide.

Paved surface? Over 8,950 miles of concrete/asphalt (1999).  I will not calculate it.  Add the total space covered by concrete residences, private and public buildings, back yards and other structures for 3,977,663 (2010) inhabitants.

Now add over 2,000,000 million autos, trucks and gas/diesel/propane vehicles.
A perfect recipe for hell on earth.

I know about UHI, you may too.  I just believe that if in  other blogs is permissible to photo: ice, snow, clouds and whatever, plus complaints  about cold weather...It was my time, the first in over four years to present the issue with numbers.  This is hell, but I do not complaint since me garden is designed for it.

The point is that is getting worse, more concrete and asphalt brought kindly to us for progress and speed, however, always forgetting that numbers of vehicles grow geometrically while the space is finite, road repair/maintenance does not exist,  and always someone think, plan and built another one to have longer, wider T R A F F I C jams.

November, December and January have been really cool, as cool as my almost forgotten childhood days in Savarona, Caguas City or the country of, now a shantytown of illegal invaders from nearby isle.  

The pioneers in traffic of illegals from La Espanhola in Caguas, were the families of: Hernandez-Genao and Concepcion-Pabon, both with the Popular Democratic Party or the REDS.
I know.  16 Jimenez Cruz Street in SAVARONA. These noisy, mostly darkies,  illiterate bastards arrived in the dark, between 2-5 AM, every thirty/forty days. Waking me up with the racket. Screw them and the irritant memories! The importers of illegals and the importees.

I am glad I wrote about it
 since heat creates a waste 
of electricity with air conditioning moved by oil.

However our environmentalists and pundits within, have never thought about
ways of cooling our ugly concrete plastered towns and cities.

One possibility is to knock down every abandoned building in RIO, Santurce and San Juan and to plant some trees, plants, bushes and vines that I will select.

Apaga i vamonoh.


  1. Siempre sera una solución para este y muchos problemas que tenemos, pero a la mayoría de la gente no le importa. La manera puede ser empaparnos nosotros y luego contagiar a los demás de ese amor a las plantas.

    Hasta pronto Antigonum, un fuerte abrazo y un beso.

  2. Que lastima ver que solo hay cemento y concreto. Tal vez algo se pueda hacer para mejorar la situacion y poner mas plantas. Tal vez algo de "guerrilla gardening" pueda funcionar


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