Monday, March 7, 2011


THE RARE temperatures under 80, make life easy, contrary to Gershwin's well known composition.


One dead wood  cockroach, flat and ugly, was found close by the north garden wall while pruning one Turnera subulata.  The good news is that they feed on dead matter.

On Sunday, one amusing green caterpillar found in the Capsicum florescens, pelleted poop all over the concrete.  These creatures like it hot considering they also feed on the pods.

That night a couple of brown beetles were executed flip flop like.
The culprits were caught in the act munching on the Coccoloba uvifera.  I know it may affect me karma in next life.


The Carica papaya is looking like crap.  Tens of small flying insects were discovered while spraying.  The attack a little while longer was quick with Antigonum's secret pest formula.  But I am afraid it will not suffice.  Every time the leaves turn brown, shrinking in the process, they pass away.

The basil, oregano and Rosemary propagated recently with rooting hormones are doing well and will be transplanted soon.
If you are into the edible gardening fad I would recommend this procedure.  It is faster than planting seeds, with high survival rates.

Now if you have time to check other blogs with a great possibility of learning something new,  here are 3.  Puerto Rico
desertedge.blogspot from USA
naturaoxalis.blogspot.  Mexico


  1. As I live in the tropics, I must say that it's easier to start a plant from cutting as compared with from seed ;-)

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    I look forward to some more 70-80F weather, in the next month. But low 60's and dust storms are normal here right now...

    My rosemary and thyme have all reseeded in the yard, but the first is 1/4 dead all over Abq from the deep freeze. May have to try cuttings.

  3. Buena idea señor, preparare mis nuevas plantitas a ver que suerte tengo.

    Me siento alagada con la mención, hasta pronto un abrazo.


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