Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 I dedicate this post to ALL those bloggers, the one percent, out of  every one hundred, sharing their wisdom,  expertise, theories and practices in all the issues discussed in this blog and theirs. I take my hat off . You know who you are.

SOME TIME AGO, I promised to share some aerial views of me garden. This time I concentrated on the north and east sides. There are not many blogs offering aerial views of anything. Another notch for the road.

I have also some pictures of my garden resident Spindalis nest in the north garden. In addition I will offer my still life with another nest that fell in my museum material photo still life: Air, water and soil. However I do not want to overwhelm my fans and foes. Next time I will provide the rest of the show. Today was a very productive day in a photographic sense.

that is that
apaga i vamonoh.


  1. Beautiful view at the top photo, through the arches. Nice repitition. Aerial views good, too. Looks like a nice place to relax before and after the sun sets, as opposed as a place to park cars!

  2. Me encanta como se ve el arco y al fondo tu rica colección de plantas, por otra parte las buganvilias y otras enredaderas que desconozco, me llama lea atención la que esta justo después del arco y tiene unas flores o semillas que parecen estrellas.
    Pero esa mesa siempre me ha gustado y con ese nido me atrae mas.

    Un abrazo.

  3. A very nice garden. Not just for decoration but also for scenery and protection from air pollution as plants absorbs the bad bacteria from polluted air. And to add more beauty to this view it can be taken cared of by protecting the paint used on the walls mould on walls where the plants are being hanged.


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