Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eumir Deodato "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (1972)

   I have received an unusual letter. RF are his initials, about my same age. Same barrio, Savarona in Caguas, before the illegal plague from La Espanhola.

He wants to leave his traces on earth before passing away. On his letter he quotes as references: Carlos Vicky Morell a fifth rate attorney, Luis Aviles a  mongrel convict, Fernando Monteverde a nigger,  and Taco the forgotten clown.

Tomasa del Carmen Puchi, a judge, originally from Morovis, was one in a number of his ladies men days life during the decade when Mr. Deodato, became a well known arranger and piano player from Brazil.

On his notes RF, does not give many details except her alabaster sof and cool, skin naked at eleven am, when he would drop in his bycicle by the housing project in the out skirts of Caguas to Aguas Buenas for foreplay and pull out fornication without condoms, ganja, speed, amphetamines and/or whatever was available. 

He mentioned in his notes that he became aware of Puchi's ambition during some carnal exchange, when the judge in some guest house room, around one o'clock in the afternoon, commented: What a slim waist you got!  Apparently our heroine was fornicating with fat/married/gentleman in that world of judicature and another age range.

What is pertinent on this anecdote is that the witnesses could corroborate part of it. However, RF, is only interested in placing himself and his life experiences about to end in a historical musical context, perhaps the most relevant.

Eumir Deodato made this this record during September 1972, when our hero and heroine judge were in Cayey, undergraduate students, UPR second unit university.

Along Eumir,  Billy Cobham, Ray Barretto, Hubert Laws, Stanley Clarke, Johh Tropea and Ron Carter participated in this historical and sentimental vynil masterpiece. One of the best records I have ever  listened to  in addition to Mr. RF.

Puchi is still a judge in the criminal court in el Pais de Caguas, and goes out with Luis. 

that is that, a rather unusual post,
if you ask me...



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