Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I WONDER what would or (www), JOSY LATORRE , ingest  after a sumami, dressed on top with plutonium. This burned out singing cartridge, is the local vegetarian authority of the eating, not the planting.  IT would be interesting to research all vegetarian fundamentalists to see what the hell they plant, or if all the pose is similar to that great gone inner city comedy show, Seinfeld.  In nine years nature, flora or fauna were never mentioned while it lasted, not even by accident.

The tittle is the last tomato, because the last Solanum lycopersicum, would have caused less or no impact to the reader. By the way, I visit other blogs, less and less, since they exist like news smedia parasites. Not an original concept, not one, or creation or anything...Just chit chat and dull small talk predominates in the local arena. Their lack or originality include the tittles. These posts all may suck, but some tittles are remarkable.

The first meaningful  tomato I ever ate was planted by a Rumanian, Ms. Dascalu, the nail technician wife of the Mr. our landlord and tool and dye maker, in Queens as ugly, flat as Staten Island. It was the first of 3 boroughs in our peregrination for a 'better future'. It was followed by Brooklyn before Smith street became another Manhattan, and ending in the beautiful Upper West Side, 186th street and Broadway, next door to Fort Tryon. 

However, the Mets territory has a lot of Colombians, by 82nd street, taking the Oriental Express, the 7 train. These are my favorite South American segment for their speech patterns, vocabulary, humor, music (salsa, cumbia,ballenato, llanera), literature, films, narcos series/soaps and gastronomy.

Tomatoes look more weedy than many or most weeds. It is unbelievable so many people in the blog world are so infatuated with tomatoes. Last year, I probably saw, a hundred blogs with photos of tomatoes and or sunflowers with bees.

The story of this plant is simple. I put one cherry tomato from Super Max,  to dry under the sun for the hell of it.  Now I got this weed with 15 cherry ones. Getting what one wishes...That was the last gardening obstacle I had to overcome to be the best there is in the Caribbean.  I guess now I will have to move to grafting, after that there will be no more, I have covered the whole court, unless one reader could provide or remind moi of anything I may have forgotten.


SOME people may be thinking that I have mellowed.  Just in tone.
To show the people I have not check this out.

What the HELL are motivators, life coaches for?
Dont we have enough with priests, reverends, sychologists and sychiatrists? LILY GARCIA, you suck! Big time.
This fool went to Mount Holyoke, got a degree in god knows what and now preaches and writes her own gospel in a fucking vacuum. She sucks in a superlative fashion cosnsidering that she violated the client/attorney/priest confidentiality declaring  her husband hammer was not hanging adequately to amuse her readers. SILVERIO, you too are in the same bag, both of you both are ugly and toothy.
This people believe they can motivate others, with yoga, good, vegetarian food, energy, without a social context in which nature, flora and fauna do not exist, not even implicitly. 

Well try to mentally motivate my hog neighbors. Their yard sucks.
This post was brought
to you by the word sucks and  variations.

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  1. I laugh, good on you tell them; people are not just "mobile" they are also very gullible and suckers for any rubbish that comes along with a promise.


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