Wednesday, March 23, 2011


TO KEEP a blog without feisbuk like considerations require focus, perspective, and imagination, just as when planting.  One keeps priorities in their correct place, no matter what.  Some go for the popularity, amount of comments or visitors.

When I made my vows, only setting trends, kicking of butts, mattered.  Another possibility, the one that really matters, becoming a historical reference in nature, ecological,
landscape maintenance and installation issues, collecting, propagating all sorts of adequate plants for my  collection were part of the picture, the intention, motivation.

I feel some satisfaction since five years later no other blog has shown any of the above interests regarding the landscape in the urban concrete/asphalted context of Puerto Rico. Most are into the minga/petraca mode. There are about fifty blogs arguing about four shitty local newspaers. Not I.

In the past when I showed, rare, little signs of arrogance, bully like if you prefer, I thought the botanical names were pertinent to present certainty in one arguments about this or that. Now I do not care. It makes no difference locally. Most people, the non initiated, not only do not give a flying fart about nature, they are unaware and totally disconnected from it.
My impression is they live like Michael, under anesthesia, totally numb, except when earthquakes and sumamis* hit the news.

I would like to share some these DK plants, even when I got a hint about their families for the amount of similar plants in my garden or reference books.

The grey-blue agavacea is significant. Along the succulent, were bought from catalogs while living in Brooklyn, USA.  Both are over ten years. The oldest in my collection.

The plant with minuscule Holly like leaves was a present from Myrta, the domestic help in Lucy Laborde's residence.

The one with Spatiphyllum or Anthurium like leaves a present from my greatest collaborator Rengui, the inlaw.  An authority in vegetation of all kinds.

There is one I know in the group. Ochna mossabisencis, a clone from those in the plantation luis munhoz marin. This is the first time it has bloomed in 6 years. I got it when it was five inches tall.

* Buahaja some felt like correcting it....confess! 

My next feature will set another trend.  It is going to be the inventory of a residence in Caguas where a relative of the family residing in it for ten decades  will provide moi the list.
That is one of my goals. To leave evidence of what Puertoricans planted before  the arrival of useless nurseries. These are responsible for  destroying the imagination, ability to propagate and swap plants in all sociological segments of the population.

apagad e iros....

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  1. Excellent post! I always enjoy reading your take on things because your blog is unique. When I first began reading your work, it took me awhile to understand the references to various things....and that is what is clever about your writing. Thank you for background info into PR thinking and gardening culture.


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