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ON 8 MARCH 2011 your humble servant and favorite blogger, denounced huge and minor water leaks in the streets and avenues of Santurce, my metro zone undisputed domain.  Puerto Rico leaks!  Such an important piece that even Myrisa from paisciego gave me a hands up like it, in feisbuk.

On 26 MARCH of the current I go for a few strolls during the day, ending in La Placita del Mercado en Santurce, where the alcoholic segment of the population goes to pick up girls and vice versa, with some interacting in between.

This spot with  attractive, ancient architecture, considering that most original architecture has been destroyed all over,  is a favorite to hang out among locals and  tourists included. It  is also, perhaps the best place to study the biped portorricensis.  The astronomical decibels from the loudspeakers, with added spices from timbales, congas and cow bell will wear you out in thirty minutes, it is unbelievable, brutal!  Sure every local biped, no matter their social/economical status,  if they make 200 K with a phd or 12K for a family of four, high school drop out, thinks is perfectly normal, civil,  to listen to shitty salsa music, and trying to HOLLER a conversation during the procedures.

Down here you could get a fine of five hundred bucks for a beer in a side walk, or cursed and fined for smoking indoors, but no ONE has ever thought of the right of quiet, god damned, of every citizen.
  1. It is something biped portorricensis can not do, enjoy and respect quiet.


The conspiracy.  Well I am afraid, I have no other explanation, someone is reading this blog and repairing not only the water leaks, they are also paving the Fernandez Juncos Avenue and restoring the sidewalks in some streets except mine. This has to be a conspiracy.
What am I  going to criticize now?

Joking aside the same problem persist. Lack of systematic maintenance. The perfect restored  sidewalks in  Old San Juan, 
an expensive and tedious work, have been already destroyed in front of the Chamber of Commerce to fix some pipes.
The exact same thing happened a week after the Fernandez Juncos water leak appeared in your favorite blog.

In brief: The leaks in front of: Ciudadela, Fernandez Juncos, Ponce de Leon and Borinquen Avenue, and Sagrado Corazon street a five year old one and not even in my pictures were FIXED. I want to congratulate with my misanthropic heart whomever took the responsibility for the well being of the people. Puerto Rico would do it better with me as an illustrated despot or plain despot if you dissent with the adjective. 

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  1. mmm. I guess photos sell. I've considered plotting the broken lines, salideros and other PRASA sewer networks as kml files visible on Google Earth and similar mapping programs to crowdsource the problem. That info could be relayed to PRASA, EQB and EPA for enforcement.
    Something along the line of Panoramio.
    BTW, thanks for the inclusion on the direct links above!

  2. Do you think someone out there is reading your blog?:) Latin cultures love LOUD...minus maybe France where the conversation is a whisper. I like them both, but sometimes I just want to sit and think.....we are putting our monthly trek together for Panama and there are several island of the chains is for drinkers and loud people...another is for the rich and bloated and the other is for people like me....hike in quiet rain forest. We were relieved to find this because loud is not fun anymore:)

  3. Now I wonder, if reality beats fiction. Are you saying/writing that anyjuan with the adequate computer program and know how,could guess, know, tell where the fecal and non fecal water leaks are, without having to walk, four miles round strolls and/or leaving the air conditioned apartment/office?

    I am not a sage, but if you know the AAA would also know. Why then these salideros are not repaired?

    Why were the ones I mentioned? Just CARAMBOLAS?
    Particularly, when the AAA announced in the yellow printed media the selling of water to US Virgin Islands and the new reservoirs two weeks ago.

    Ahora me voy..

  4. I'm certain savvy public relations monitors the web (not only blogs) and may see what is posted. My wife thinks the same. She thinks that some of her comments on the Davila Colon forum or facebook status reach Fortu/nos team ears. I'm aware Crisis Management NEEDS it to steer public opinion in high profile cases.
    PRASA, they won't do a thing by themselves. The driving force, I think I mentioned that somewhere, is the consent decrees made with EPA and the Department of Justice.
    PRASA has to implement such programs as part of the CMOM programs. CMOM is not being enforced (yet), only the Sewer System Evaluation as inflow/infiltration. Will EPA add it on their next order iteration? I hope so. (
    Here you see how EPA is already using the GE for plotting watershed and facility inventory data.
    I'll show some of the possibilities on some article on the blog later on. There is so much going on.


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