Thursday, March 10, 2011


DURING the nineties while living in New York,  I had the opportunity to practice the skills learned while working as an editor, proofreader, copy/paste,  at a now defunct regional newspaper, LA SEMANA.

The illustrations were samples from magazines and newspapers. The magazine, the whole 3 issues, black and white typewriting paper, printed in an electrical Smith-Corona, with the assistance of Gladys Munhiz.

I want to thank Tito Collazo, graphic artist, from Espiral Inc., for the courtesy of scanning and enhancing this 21 year old prints. Mr. Collazo, across the street, neighbor and fellow part time gardener, appreared in this virtual space recently, along his pony sized dog Dalila and Diva. 

The magazine was the original ANGLOSPANO REVIEW. 


  1. Trends from the past for the future.

  2. Wow! These are nice. These types of art and music zines are hard to find in Puerto Rico.

  3. Thanks Beato. Imagine what one could do with just
    paper,illustrations from zines/newspapers, glue, a typewriter,the original copy and paste and a photocopy machine.

    The rather impatient looking
    image in the footer was used then by some banking institution in their adds.Somehow it reflects how I feel often.

    I must say that graphic art always had a place in my interests. Black and white movies are still my favorites, even when they stink.

    The gray/black/white, spectrum still has, in my opinion great possibilities to enhance blogs or whatever. It is a pity everything is in color, nowadays.

  4. I love the graphics especially the strong black lines. I'm not much of a gardener, but I will enjoy reading about the happenings on the island and the murdering of aesthetics.


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