Saturday, March 19, 2011


I DO NOT KNOW   when it started.  Judging from the excessive amount of dying Ficus benjamina in Parque Luis Munhoz Rivera in San Juan, I will take a wild guess: 1920.  I could be earlier, but that is when the planting Ficus of any type epidemic infected the Puuertorican minds or whatever is they carry in that head cavity.

The Everest of stupidity in landscape installation and maintenance is planting Ficus of any kind for hedges. I have denounced this practice with all the humble, kind, abrasiveness and bluntness I was capable of in the past.  Edwin Gonzalez Bauza, an agronomist, took it so personally that created:, to counter attack my irrefutable arguments. By the way, the blog was a still borne. You could reach him at, if interested. 

I contacted the retarded above, to comment on a picture in their gramaslindas site showing leaves of grass cut with a dull blade or trimmer. The picture is still around. 


The justifying issue with Ficus of any kind, it is similar the reasoning about the gastronomy in  BK, KFC or Mickey Dee, they are killing people, particularly the morbid obese, some of these monsters can we observed in Total Transformation.  But amazingly they junk fans,  ALL have a reason to justify their non stop eating of the wrong foods and lack of exercise.

The people in landscape, architects of the pendejismo paisajista school, and residence owners plant them Ficus alone or as in hedges with their reasons.  When alone, these species destroy sidewalks, gutters, all water pipes, any pavement in brief.

Imagine trying to keep one of these monster trees as an eight/ten feet hedge? Well, that is custom and use down here.
But NO ONE seem to notice, or care.  Only Antigonum or yours truly.

Almost forgot, if you live in Pueto Rico I invite you to visit the sterile/dull/ugly, Minillas Government Center. These stars in the post are planted in a mass grave like concrete circular hole around twenty feet below ground level. I am referring to those embracing the concrete to death.  Just like those temples in Thailand or Guatemala are strangled by criminal trees..

But if you observe carefully there is also a row planted on ground level, to leave no doubt as to the stupidity of the architects, contractors and government officials. Instead of fifteen Ficus in hole and ground level, a total of FIVE would have been enough, considering their canopy can reach fifty feet wide, in the worst scenario, imagine ten in less than four hundred square meters!


Let the record show that I do not question the beauty, aesthetics of any Ficus planted in great open spaces anywhere in the tropics, the right context.  Like the hemorrhage of palms in Puerto Rico, the epidemic of Ficus should be STOPPED now by law.
Or provide a stiff  fine to  anyone responsible whose Ficus destroys public or private property on ground or below ground, including government agencies.

that is that.
apago i me voy.

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  1. LOL! word ever. Ficus, in the right spot or right area can be wonderful, but many people don't do the research and put them near their homes here. Roots get into their pipes and cause major damage.....they lift sidewalks....overall, it turns out to be a headache for people down the road. I removed a row of these tree/bushes and a homeowner had a fit, but it was the right thing to do. They were planted against the building and pushing cement out....not good.


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