Friday, March 18, 2011


I thought that no one would mind if I present  other photos with the subject. After all, I only learned about Pithelobiums five years ago when I moved to Santurce  No one knew the botanical.

The first Pithelobium I recall, not in these posts, caught my attention for the majestic projection even growing in the wrong place. It may still be,  in Tapia street and Eduardo Conde avenue.  It was not the beauty presented here, but it shows some character. Guama americano is the popular name.  

Here are some of the best I have seen. They happen to be triplets, I did not pay attention to the third previously. Two in the median, one south sidewalk of Baldorioty the Castro Avenue, near by Diez de Andino street.

As time goes by, I am more convinced there is no better tree for big spaces in the San Juan Metro Area. Tolerating  no maintenance or the custom/use wrong ones,  hot, surrounded by concrete, asphalt, fumes and salty breeze. 

The tens of dying Ficus in Parque Luis Munhoz Rivera, and the hundreds of abused Ficus species planted in public areas should be replaced with Pithelobiums. The  ones shown create no problems with their root or branch system. It is incredible, that no juan has ever noticed them.

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