Tuesday, March 15, 2011


THE BIGGEST  seeds one could find in the tropics are Cocos nucifera and Barringtonia asiatica..But in our guest of honor case, Pithelobium dulce, the seeds are about a quarter of an inch long.

Also known a Guama americano among the non initiated, has captivated your humble servant with this powerful architecture, umbrella like canopy. It is totally unknown, disrespected, underestimated, monumental tree. Why?

It grows where it wants, dispersed by wind, birds eating it sweet pod insides, almost like a weed.  Surely it does not interest those fools I am mocking constantly. It will not provide profits since it is found in streets, sidewalks, highway medians, concrete cracks.  But when these seeds  fall in an adequate spot it is impressive, as these pictures show.

Some people, without any planting, collecting or propagating, researching skills and without consulting with yours truly, went ahead and declared Thespesia grandiflora as the national flower.
Let the record show, I believe it was a stupid decision. What were the judges credentials? What were they thinking?  At any rate, Thespesia populnea has a much better attractive flower and it is resistant to salt water.

I declare Pithelobium dulce 
a patrimony of Puerto Rico 
and the Caribbean.
  I have the credentials.  

Dario apaga la luz.


  1. I agree with you on Pithelobium, even never having visited PR. Reminds me of Acacia farnesiana or Pithecelobium mexicanum. Anything so beautiful growing so well is great - especially in cracks, that anyone can grow from seed.

    I even have a bag of mesquite beans I am going to plant in people's yards who say they won't grow here...the birds will disperse them!!!

  2. I agree with you.

    The amazing thing is that I have never seen ANY articles in the media, or mentioned among the
    environmentalists, botanists or anyjuan. It is like they do not exist.

    Regarding Mesquite there is a variety found in the south of Puerto Rico.

    I have a couple but they are not so happy up in the north, refusing to grow...or perhaps they are super slow.


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