Monday, March 21, 2011


ITis a little difficult with age,  to sleep as in the past. After four hours I am awake, unwilling to read for the time it takes to get used to the light and focus.

That is not all, the knees are back to old habits.  A pain that was alleviated with glucosamine, is back. The walking as in Summertime,  ain't easy.  Fortunately, for some reason, there are no weeds to worry about in this concrete prairie style garden.

In this department, Sociedad Horticultural Bouret announces, the first Plumeria glabra blooms in 2011. Plumerias have no rules of engagement. Mine are almost naked, with  few leaves and flowers coming along. However, around the city you could fine some with lots of leaves and/or flowers at once.

The rare, scarce Ochna mossabisencis has bloomed for the first time in six years. Another remarkable first along the Guaicaum officinale, mentioned a while ago. 

My grafted lemon has the first crop of the year moving ahead, along with the Carica papaya and Capsicum florescens which has almost ended.

The Spindalis portoricensis one of our  aesthetically remarkable isle bird, was surprised eating whole Merremia quinquefolia blooms.
This took place once, a couple of weeks ago. It is significant, since I have made an effort to attract fauna that may otherwise would not drop by.  This bird is probably the only one with so many colors in such an arrangement.

In other related news the amount of stray cats, has decreased. Even when Farrukito, continues to feed them without any neutering efforts.  I believe Pain in Ass Tony a neighbor, is poisoning them. Since I have no evidence, except circumstantial, for some garden arrangements and comments he made to eliminate poop rights to this felines in his property, I will not offer a his description, not that anyone cares or reads this blog. 

Outside me garden, three importan issues
have developed. Believe it or not, some sidewalks around Barbe St, have been rebuilt from scratch and Fernanez Juncos Avenue has been paved. A insignificant step for humanity, but remarkable down here.

I am surprised by the US, UN, EU  abrupt love, with air bombs expressions to help them  rebels in Lybia. It reminds me of Mugabe, the Tutsis and Hutus, dismembering each other with machetes,  Apartheid,  Darfour and many others. A pity they had no oil. Perhaps some juan would had 'helped' them in a timely fashion.

time to go apaga i vamonoh.

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