Wednesday, October 13, 2010


IT IS only 7AM in the asphalt concrete, your humble one sweats bullets while reporting, from the enchanted island, jaha bilingual laugh.   As some islanders with nostalgic blinders,  still call it, describe it. This is just a huge pile as in the tittle not a paradise or enchanted island. Let me laugh again.

It may be a paradise for people in the money laundering and tax evaders. It was until recently for mortgage originators, banks and real estate accomplices, killers of the cow of the golden eggs.

In the gardening department, snails, biting or sucking insects, slugs and bees are scarce. Beetles, Anolis lizards, hummingbirds, endemic pigeons, and Spindalis are not.

At 7:15 still here, sweating as in a sauna in our 'winter' of delights.  Five decades ago when the isle was mostly vegetation, and the irreversible destruction thanks to housing and highway developers just started, anyjuan in urban areas would feel the enchanted morning cool breezes announcing the arrival of Christmas. 
The fresh airs of Christmas as one folk song tells about it. 

The ironic turn in the development of this concrete asphalt hell is no different from ANY other part of the world following the USA economic model. 

Puerto Rico is now a corrupted society.
Judges and legislation for sale, some postal workers, policemen, everyjuan wants to make a fast quick buck selling, distributing or offering escort service to drug merchants. Thanks to the FBI they will do some time.  

But so what? It is just a cup of salty water in the ocean. Mechanics, plumbers, computer technicians, all in a scheme to pull arms and legs when billing, with a sloppy careless job.

In my garden things are much better.  Yesterday while I locked myself out the north garden I made good use of two hours and half,  when me darling arrived from work, rescuing your favorite bloguer, Spanish spelling.

I removed the off spring, more than ten, from a Pandanus. They grow around the trunk embracing it. You just pull and they come off roots and all.  This tree appears in one of the pictures to the right.  The one looking like an Agave. They will participate in one guerrilla show today or tomorrow.

After that, most of  the vines growing around the security iron work covering the window came off.  A green iguana, one of the hundreds of former pets thrown away by unhappy isle campers, had taken residence in this site.

In Puerto Rico, these green iguanas are now part of the scenery in every context imaginable. Close by the sea,  mountains, rural, urban, dry, wet and road kills.
I believe they will end being part of our diet a la sheesh kabab, tasting like chicken.

They are scary even when shy and not aggressive.That is that. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires...

Apaga i vamonoh.

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