Tuesday, October 5, 2010


ONCE upon the other blog, Titania, mentioned very humbly that she was into the building of bridges.  If you dear reader have arrived to this shores more than once,  you
may be thinking this guy is getting soft.

Fear not fans or foes. Here it goes like yesterday.

I had to leave the house in search for stamps! Sagrado Corazon, the university and callous, polluting with twelve hundred cars in their parking lot, lawnmowers, trimmers/blowers neighbor from hell, has one small post office in their premises.

On my walk there, I noticed the pile of organic waste ten days later, from the stupid incorrect pruning with a chain saw of Mahogany, Pterocarpus and Bucera busaris laying as decoration right by the emergency exit in San Agustin street.

I kept on strolling, noticing fallen branches, dry leaves, tons or them every seventy five meters in this over rated, elitist, too expensive college campus.

On my way, to the right of the post office I discovered the reason for quiet on week ends and evenings.  The swimming pool is empty for repairs. That explains not hearing the irritating whistle from the jerk instructor twenty houses down, where I live.

I am sorry there is no happy ending. I bought my stamps.  When I left I see a familiar face. One of the gardeners. After I mentioned to him that Sagrado is always complicating their lives, (gardeners) he gave me valuable information, without being aware of it.

At that moment he was spreading orange mulch made of wooden pallets.
He tells me that they have told them jerks ( Mr. Rivera the fool in charge of Grounds/Buildings or Mr. Ricci dean jester in Administration) , but they do not care or  pay attention.

This mulch in fashion,  is prone to become a white fungus mass and compact over the ground. What I did not know is that, they also become termite farms, even in the plastic bags.

So there. I am aware my ways tend to burn rather than building bridges, but that is the way. God made me do it, or the devil, if you prefer.  At any rate, someone has to do it.


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