Friday, October 8, 2010


WHILE  watching forest fires the size of many Caribbean islands, in Spain, Australia and USA, yours truly could not
stop thinking or that silly old USA propaganda to create some awareness among the people and populace.

The terrible thing was to observe the results of trying to fight fire with fire.
Preventive, controlled fires are useful to avoid the others, hell like, without control, if the weather collaborates. In this case it did not.  Hell broke loose.

It is evident that lack of maintenance, lots of dry grass, tree crowding enhance the possibility of fires.  In addition, the silly habit of not allowing ANY kind of fires in some forests, is one of the reasons for the huge ones.

When some fire is allowed only older, more resistant trees remain standing, versus the other kind that leaves nothing, killing every flora and fauna.

Not only that. Huge fires bake the soil.
It does not allow water to penetrate. When it rains, you get avalanches and floods.

To avoid all this some tree cutting should be allowed and renting goats and sheep to feed on those grasses.  It would be more cost efficient, than waiting for only you can prevent forest fires.


Just sent a note with horticultural good will to some
Barbara Jadal
of the 
Antigua Horticultural Society.
In 48 hours, judgment shall fall upon her. 


  1. Totally agree that by nature's design, some areas are dependent on fires. If the areas were not effected by human error.. the ecology would still thrive with the fires.

    Some tree species by ecological design have seeds that are triggered to sprout only after exposure to a forest fire. Ability to survive fire damage, or repopulate fire cleared areas is how these systems developed over time.

    Human intervention has altered more than the fire cycles. People don't like fires in forests where they have built their homes and surrounded them with non-native plants in which as well diseases and pests were also introduced.

    People, creatures, etc. move. Just nature didn't quite plan for such a meddling group like us to be moving quite this extensively and this fast. There is only so far you can defy/ supress nature before it snaps back.

  2. Anne,

    Nothing need to be added. Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding Barbara and the Antigua Horticultural Society, both have got, what your humble servant is never shy to say/write:
    Screw both.

  3. Hemos hecho tantas cosas en contra de la naturaleza, me anima pensar que hay un poco de conciencia.

    Hasta pronto Cajanus, por cierto muy bella flor del cajanus y al parecer como alimento es muy bueno.


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