Sunday, October 17, 2010


I BELIEVE this narrative structure has not been tried before, but It it has, let it slide. Before getting into the matter let the record show my objection to the Widow/Matriarch of the 1000 signatures,(* views on  Vargas Llosa, literature Nobel prize.

I do not think a writer should be judged by his political stance, actions and tendencies. Nor his biography should be weighed with this purpose. I do not even like his work.  But if those Swedish fellows picked him among the group, they should have their reasons. If this leftist adolescent position is correct, then persecuting and alienating communist/socialists and patriots as those around her seem to be, is also fine. 

AFTER this unusual but certainly fun beginning, lets get to the mockable palm trees.  If you have palms, turf, and/or hedges, sorry; in the eveningpost, it is political and horticulturally incorrect. 

Palms look fine, at their best from the distance.  When in standard positions to the pictures at right, just like a light post with eagle feathers in front of your nose.

I will not get into the organic garbage: seeds and fronds, a pain in the ass.  In the monster palm case, the fronds are between ten/twenty pounds.  The owner has to climb a 15 ladder to cut them seeds and fronds, not a pretty picture, believe me, every other month.  Eventually the ladder wont do, and he would not reach, then what?

The owner of the monster palm could be forgiven to some extent.  It was there already when he bought the residence.  The other 3 owners, planted them. They look absurd, out of place. I would get rid of them and plant nothing. After all, no one really cares. All these cases, a token of this epidemic of biblical proportions, polluting the whole metro area of San Juan. Particularly, medians in roads, highways and streets.  Most have been contaminated with even species intolerant to salt breeze environments, palms of all kinds, shape and forms. Bilingual laugh.

1. This blog with 2,000 visitors, should be in the Guinness, the  most awarded in the concrete asphalt by groupies. 
Excellent Blog Award
Premio Huellas
Brillante Weblog
Blog Ciberactivista
Blog Que Rompe Barrera Mediatica    

The 2nd and 4th offered by, not
5to Poder as Spanish demands,
but Poder 5.

On third place Siluz, a somewhat poet of the intimate, really.

The fifth one a character with the pen name Prometeo.

God knows about the first, probably herself, like the Intercontinental Trend Setting Blog award by yours truly.

Their blogs are about isle politics, blindfolded all the way, international politics, social, cultural, very amusing
when bored.  I visit them once a month or more when in the mood..God bless them.


This is why I decided not to stroll as I used to.  This is Puerto Rico, what tourist guides do not show, mention.

In a 2 miles circle, 4 out of ten properties 
look like these, it is almost Detroit, USA.
San Carlos is my new guerrilla gardening headquarters.

Time to go.
Dario, apaga la luh.

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  1. I don't like palm trees at all. Thank you for coming by my blog. I'm enjoying yours.


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