Friday, October 15, 2010


IN Puerto Rico, USA, H2O, or the concrete asphalt isle, water is known as the precious liquid in printed news media and television.

Around 1940, hicks were removed from mangrove shacks in the outskirts,  to recently built urban  settlements. This housing projects had electricity and pipe/water systems.  Since them hicks did not know the purpose, bathtubs were used to plant lettuce and other edibles.

That area, in Santurce, CANHO MARTIN PENHA,  is still used as a water dump for the San Juan Metro Area. It has been the recipient for the last fifty years.

It is probably the only place on earth with a park on top.  You can stroll, ride a bike, watch garbage, green iguanas, smell the roses and enjoy the  scenery, brought to you by the idiotas inigualables, PARQUES NACIONALES.

Dams were also built left and right to provide the precious liquid to farmers and cities.  But the fools never thought of  systematic maintenance to care for the accumulation of sediment.  Seventy years later the dams hold one third of their capacity.

Thanks to the lack of a plan, water is stolen, meters are tampered, without covers in many cases.

The water leaks of fresh water are in the hundreds. There is no street, road in Puerto Rico without at least one.

Used water is no different. The avarice motivated many, too many people to built houses. They all look like match boxes, vertical or horizontal, thanks to our bright, creative architects.

The main pipes take pressure beyond their resistance blowing up every other day.  When it rains in many highways, roads, streets and avenues is very romantic, since Venice come to mind.

Used water embraces rain water going to 519 streams. According to Ariel Lugo the notorious H2O authority around 2 million islanders have no sewage system.

That means that some have septic tanks and the rest? Take a wild guess. Fresh and salty water down here is therefore prone for ECHOLI.

The splattered isle with concrete/asphalt, has much less ground to absorb rain, an increasing problem, happening also in Europe, USA and many other places.

But the stupidity of not building efficient, with constant maintenance drain systems, makes life miserable for many and very costly in damaged goods at any time. It is not a matter of rainy seasons.

Water is wasted by fools incapable of using a broom. They use a hose instead.
Bored people use water pressure machines with gasoline to wash walls, sidewalks and gutters.

Golf courses, idiots with turf, waste water like there is no tomorrow.

In the south of Puerto Rico a desert like region, there is not only GOLF, there are feeble minded ones with farms to grow pastures, raise horses and cattle.  And the water? From aquifiers, believe it or not.

Add the amount of empty water bottles.
Plus the bottles of water substitutes and get the picture.

Welcome to Puerto Rico, USA.  Where water, like nature, is just an afterthought.


  1. There is community group known as G8 surrounding el CANHO.  These idiots have never deal with this issue of used waters affecting that neighborhood and the health of Puerto Rico as a whole. Screw them and all the environmentalists jerks into the collecting submarine or surface garbage with blindfolds on. 


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