Saturday, October 23, 2010


I HAD A DREAM. The truth is that it felt like a nightmare.  The environmental claque around this concrete/asphalt meadow ALL of them,  finding ways to be in the news.

Yet, they are blind to problems I have photographed and appear to the right of this column.  If you can not solve simple, evident, problems in front of your not so Roman nose, how can you write, holler and self anoint to claim anything? Fool.

The tittle? Well, it is time to grab the bull by the scrotum or horns, take your pick.  Lawns, turf, may be attractive in the eyes of many. Picture a warm, sunny day, a blanket, a picnic, Central Park, pick your favorite scene with Satie, Debussy or Ravel in the background.

If on the gluttony mood, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, you name it. But be aware.

Trimmers, lawnmowers and blowers, use gas/oil/propane or diesel. In USA,
54 million law abiding citizens use/have them. CO2, global warming, have you heard of it? 
Add now water waste, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, organic waste and NOISE.

Now, I declare that if there is a hint of a little despotism and dogmatism once in a blue moon in this blog is not my fault. Society made me what I am. Bilingual laugh.

When I was in high school, I ran for  class president. I lost 400 to 100, even in my home room. In college it was closer, 50 to 49.

But everything should be in context. Remember Sadam, and Tito? They were cruel despots, but their countries were in check. There was law and order, the necessary killing and jails, no human rights but, is it better now?

The Palestines are the best. Their democratic ways allows to elect terrorists! Any difference in views, arguments, solved with machine guns,
bombs, and shitty home made rockets. What a trip. Fortunately,
the Hebrews are there to protect our civilization or barbaric ways.  The middle East will make life miserable for the innocent, us, their own...A Crusade for a primitive teocratic rule. Blowing up themselves in pieces, preferably when gathering to reach the 76

Back in the studio, it is getting tiresome.
This indifferent posture of society in general regarding the tolerance of LAWNS.  The stance can, should not be different that those against smokers, fur,
and junk food.

If it is not politically correct to smoke even in open spaces, wear furs, eat junk food habitually, why should the state allow some to pollute air, water, soil, sound waves with their ways?

Every environmental spoke person, their followers should present pictures of their properties, place of residence, just like politicians present their tax records.
Pharisees should be punished in public.

It would be like old Christian/new Christian from the past, that never seems to go away, when I look at my surroundings.

For this same reason you have nothing to worry. There  are too many silly blogs pretending to be original,  newspapers, commenting, repeating to death the same common place shit as the next, it is like a choir. They all seem to be in tune.

I will try to remain in my course. My dislikes for the common place plants and gardens in this context will not fade. And or yours. Time to go...

Apagad e idnos...


My ONKYO receiver, 1992-2010, has passed away, as my Tecnichs cassette player months ago.

The Teac replacement is on its way, the second, a Sony, is already home.

I belong to that generation watching how long playings have survived all the attempts for a final solution.

Music, playing a record at home was a different experience. It was visual, the smell of paper/cardboard, reading the notes, and exercising. You had to get up your ass to place the next record.
Now  is just a matter for the ears and fingers.

In the garden everything is fine. The pine needles solution worked out well. I can declare it now after exhaustive observations. If you have snails and slugs eating away your vegetables or hornamentals give it a try.


  1. Environmental spokes persons presenting their lawn... brilliant! I totally agree with you. This neighborhood I am at for the moment.. everyone has tiny yards and yet no one except us uses the spinning blade push mower. Although several of those neighbors also now dump their grass clippings on my compost pile instead of bagging them up for the trash.

  2. What would the world be if those preaching this and that, showing a totally superficial, ignorant concern about these issues were able to see, hear and practice?

    Your feedback is always stimulating, since the situation is the same, here and there, so close and so far.


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