Thursday, October 14, 2010


Some would rather practice from a monitor, I do not.  Yesterday I went  scouting for progress on the original activity on the tittle, by the train station 18 months ago, with my hand pruners, trowel and cushion at hand. Tamarindus indica, and Canavalia maritima, survived.    The thin weeds are getting thick making the walk difficult.  I got rid of some Albizias,  growing close by and a couple of strangling vines.

On the second front, the San Carlos former hospital, there are at least forty Cosmos sulphureous of which five have blommed. Merremias, Clitoreas, Agavacea are looking great.  The Pandanus mentioned in the previous post were planted on the north side.

I decided to use the abandoned house next door as a public garden some time ago. Planting, pruning and cleaning for free, without thanks or a beer once in a while from Squeaky and Pillsbury boy. 

That house is also home for Farruquito's stray cats. In that scenario,  Costus, Diffenbachia, Syngonium, Bauhinia, Ipomoea aegyptia and Alocasia grow among the multiple unidentified weeds.*

This two story house is rather popular and every pedestrian fool ask moi, if it is mine or for sale. It is also remarkable for having a Vitis vinifera, and oddity around the concrete asphalt,  at least twenty years old.  I had one chance to taste the grapes moons ago, in the beginning.  The next two chances, were missed by illiterate gardeners, butchers for hire with the traditional machetes who took care of them.

That is that. Apaga i vamonoh.

* Chech on, Peter del Tredici on WEEDS.

Also,, if uninitiated.


  1. This sounds like an adventure. Do you get frustrated when people hack your work? Like the grapes? That would drive me nuts.

  2. rohrerbot,

    Considering the material, the kind of people that surround me, I an now used to expect the eventual destruction of my installations.

    However, strategies have been developed.

    I plant from seeds,mostly vines or plants that can be hidden within other vegetation. That increases the survivors percentage.

    Trees for example, once they reach at least one inch of thickness in the trunk, hacking it wont do. Their growth continues with new branches. Tamarindus indica is one example..

    It just keeps me moving, trying to overcome and outsmart the imbecile majority.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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