Sunday, October 3, 2010


JUST returned from a visit to the dermatologist.  Some insect bit your favorite gardener. I scratched and suddenly, approximately at 2 AM during four days in a row,  the most intense burning sensation I ever felt, similar to lemon juice on an open scar, was driving me nuts!

The insect, hanging out in the forearm, in me skin, was moving around.  I got it probably from dog or cat poop.  The doctor prescribed tablets of Albenza, and I am improving quickly after two days taking it.

I have never read a similar story in any blog.  I share it and warn you.  Be careful. Even if Diva, our pet is not ill, feral cats may not.  If you dig in the ground, collect poop from pets to be disposed be careful.  I never thought such a thing could happen.

To end in an agronomist mood, soil diseases can affect some crops, they require a soil test. Wet conditions can affect horses hoofs and so forth.  The subject is really wide. Do your research if interested. 



Every once in a while a reference book drops by out of the blue.

Flowers of Puerto Rico and
The exotics

Ediciones Servilibros 

This gentleman like a needle in a haystack is the only one serious, rigorous enough, writing about our FLORA. It is a bilingual edition with 384 color photos. I recommend it. If you want to be all you can be, check it out in your favorite book store or buy it.

As a critic, let the record show that I do not like the paper, illustrations in black and white, or the thrifty material used as cover, or the colors and font with the visible bright yellow background.

The colors are more appropriate for cultures in Asia. However, the information is TOPS, with useful references.

It is less expensive than the pastiche crap books from 2uglas Kndelabro, good for fifth grade remedial school students and or paper shredders.

Edwin Miner Sola has other books in the market. I do not know of his credentials, but the books speak for themselves. No I get no commission, being critical has benefits. I call them as I see them.
Apaga i vamonoh.


  1. There are actually quite a few that can be picked up from the soil, although making sure to wash your hands and any produce will minimize the chance of getting several of them. My sister had to study parasites (she initially was going into the forensic field) and after looking a bit at her text books.. nightmares. Worms/ parasites are probably covered more under the mommy blogs or those with pets.

    Very glad you are getting treated and will feel better soon. :)

  2. That is terrible. I'm glad you're getting better. It's funny(or not so funny), but we were talking about this last night at class and how this is a common thing that happens to gardeners or people who work with insects. Hope you are getting better.

  3. Sorry to hear about the trouble and I hope your skin is recovering. Thanks for informing about what cat/dog poop can bring. Fortunately I am not a cat nor dog lover. They are ok. But I just do not fancy keeping one. The poops... oh... I have enough housework already ;-)

    Have a good day!

  4. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are recovering speedily.

  5. I appreciate all your words and good will. THANKS!

    The medication did it.

    I have learned to be more careful, and will be washing me hands like surgeons before they perform.

  6. 'al mejor cazador se le escapa la liebre'.
    Hope you are recovering well with the antibiotics and all. Must have been a nasty bite.

    Usually the culprits on my backyard are those darned red fire ants and the occasional bee. They bite, they sting a while and leave a mark. No antibiotics required though...must have been stinging like hell. Its good to hear that the medicine seems to be working.

    Was it a huge bug? Did you ever find out the type of insect it was? Usually the smallest insects leave the nastiest the abayardes or those really tiny red fire ants.

    As you say, they love that dog poop or any waste collected in garbage cans. So in my case I tend to use closed shoes and long sleeved shirts, plus I keep the water hose handy to wash off the bugs before they bite. Still, on the last round in my yard I ended up with bumps all over my ankles and feet. (I ignored the stings of the ants, pricking them or hosing them when I saw them, but afterwards I had dozens of swelled bitemaks).


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