Sunday, October 24, 2010


I was going to write about some plants, considered weeds by some people in some contexts, however, while verifying botanical names I found a surprise.

Plants I and II were collected during the last two years and propagated at home.
Chandramouli S, a gentleman from India, in his blog: inartliesmylife.blogspot, identified the white species as, Dipterantus prostratus.  The violet one did not appear in that post long ago.

So I have now two varieties of one plant I thought correctly identified, wrong.  This is evidence that one should not trust blindly regarding plant identificationDipterantus prostratus does not appear anywhere, in any search, in the web, believe it or not.  Either this plant is a total unknown in educated botanical circles or the name is wrong.

At any rate, III, Barleria repens is one of the top twenty in me garden. A clone from the Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation, planted by him or Ines, the mistress turned wife.  My Guaicum and Calliandra are from those days among money launderers. No, I was not in the laundry, but ground keeping.

This plant of multiple personalities since it self seeding, also grow roots when it makes contact with the ground as a stolon. Even though it tends to prostrate it also moves vertically, becoming a hedge with adequate support and once in a blue moon trim. 

IV. Asystacia gangetica, is a herbaceous or shrubby, often climbing or trailing, like the one above, producing white, yellow or mauve (mine) colored flowers.  Cultivated, escaped and naturalized in moist districts. 

So there,  four plants not for the common place gardener, depending solely on nursery stock.

Which reminds to share this. The dull aesthetics predominantly in ALL gardens of Puerto Rico, is a result, of idiots and feeble minded nursery owners, just selling what they find  in FLORIDA.

Our Flora/Fauna needs propagators taking into consideration our own vegetation, endemic, native or whatever. Sometimes the concept is irrelevant since eyes are there to see.

Regarding other gardening fronts, I think foolish that urge to hybridize constantly to get new plants every damn year, a total waste of time in my opinion.  However, let the record show that if you are a scientist, I could understand the issue. But just for money,
it sucks.

Your humble servant practices what he preaches. The wish to squash idiocy, permanently within.  

Apaga i vamonoh.


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