Friday, October 22, 2010


A COUPLE  of days ago I felt this incredible racket in front of the house,  while watering the east garden in the back.  I moved to check its origin.

It was Raul Rodriguez.  Talking as in a fit, mentioning el palito o little tree.  When I asked what little tree, he mentions the canopy.  I knew then what it was. A Guaicum officinale that I pruned pro bono months ago from the inside, below.

After giving some thought to the incident, I will not do it. Shotgun beggars are hard to swallow. I believe that he should have dropped by, walking, not talking to me as in a carry out window in a fast food, or he could have called, screw him, for lacking manners.

On another similar front, human contact,
Don Miguel, the 84 years old neighbor, found me irrigating in the south, from the sidewalk.  Gave me the update regarding Lucy Laborde's Bouganvillea by the sidewalk.  He got cut by one of the ill pruned branches, informing her firmly to solve the problem.

Anita la huerfanita has a similar condition with a botanical variety. She has Allamanda, palm trees fronds and Bouganvillea. In this concrete/asphalt island, most people think of public areas as if their own.

My Bouganvillea got one of those once in a while pruning.  The branches rubbing against each other and those growing with the intention. I do not see how people keep hedges, it is silly, a waste of time in my view, considering that is just for aesthetics.

That is my blunt opinion of formal and high maintenance gardens.  Zen gardens?  Too much pruning if you ask me. STIFF. However, I love the sand and gravel areas and above all the essential assymetry in the installation of rocks, stones and such.

The weather  feels like June/July.  As years go by, plastered with concrete/asphalt, left and right, cool breezes are as needles in haystacks.

Even when this garden is thought for drought, salty breezes, some plant indicators look really stressed. When that happens, I attack on all fronts with a hose, the drip irrigation one and Dramm watering can.  

Later it was sweeping of dry leaves. I get between 8/12 ounces every other day. Some go directly as mulch on the south, the rest in the compost pile,

I received a batch of shredded paper added to the compost and great happiness for me earth worms.

Best environmental news for the end.
I had to call again Waste Management, for daily noise from the dumpster in SAGRADO CORAZON, the university back door, neighbor from hell.

The receptionist was professional, efficient and kind, responding to the email and solving the matter.  In the concrete/asphalt queen of the Caribbean, ladies and gentlemen this is a MIRACLE.  

Time to go apaga i vamonoh.

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