Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was recently attacked by some pain in the ass, not too big insect.  Irritating as hell, enjoyed traveling in my epidermis, like a miner on a leaf.  As it moved, the traces, some acid like substance, lemon juice in the eyes was left.  The urge to scratch woke me up, knowing
that if I did, it would only get worse.

That left me pondering. It may not have been a result of stray cats, or Diva's poop.  A couple of weeks ago, I collected pine needles in Pinhones, a close by the Atlantic, forest.

That is the only recent activity out of my gardening routine in the last two years. Therefore, I could have been infected while cutting them needles in thirds.

What is pertinent, If I may, is to think about innocent gardening activities anywhere else.  Have you noticed rice paddies?  Imagine the effect on your hands, legs and skin after ten/twelve hours. 

That is just one scenario.  In my case, the availability of insurance,  dermatologist, medication, made impossible long run complications, no matter how simple was to cure the disease. 

But others may not be so lucky. I have seen bites from some particular flies in Costa Rica, in a nature program, that later developed in drilling like maggots in someone  head skin.  Or parasites, from flies originating in a lake in Africa leaving thousands of people blind.

All this may seem disconnected to the average Joe/Jane six pack, or the idiots at home, but one thing is certain, Nature, has its ways.  

Even If I curb my enthusiasm about gardening, wash me hands like a surgeon, there is no guarantee about anything.

Which bring me to the tittle.  It is one thing to feel, believe one has become a roach or the insect of your preference.

Another totally different to have them insects living in your skin, intestines or the body part of your predilection.

Think of Alien, for a minute...haja bilingual laugh. Time to go.
Apaga i vamonoh.


Thanks for your concern.  Perhaps it should be observed in a much wider scope than just a gardener in the Caribbean.  After all dirt, flora and fauna have their own ways to be and remain.


  1. It happens.. and it can happen almost anywhere. (The maggot under the skin- bot fly, dermatobia hominis- the fly uses other bugs, mainly mosquitos, as a vector.)

    Curbing your enthusiasm for doing something that makes you happy would be a shame and a waste.

    Washing your hands helps minimize a lot from a gardener's perspective.

    Truth is many people don't even know they have it. About 1 in 10 Americans have worms.

    I'll stop now before things like eating sushi become worrisome.

  2. Aca en donde vivo, hay unas lombrices(les dicen saballones) que se meten por la planta de los pies, si camina uno descalzo en lugares que siempre están húmedos y no llega el sol.
    Se introducen y van caminando por el cuerpo moviéndose en diferentes direcciones, como cuando un gusano esta dentro de una hoja, es doloroso y difícil de quitar.

  3. Chomp,
    Haber mencionado mi aventura infecciosa, pone en contexto que la jardineria, la situacion en cada geografia tiene sus peculiaridades
    que lo hacen meramente
    divertido o una actividad que requiere
    cuidado y atencion.

    Tambien un asunto que aqui nadie menciona cuando como pentecostales predican que se siembren huertos sin mas ni mas.


    That is true. Me curbing is just thinking about consequences before the acting. Digging, composting, should be done with gloves, the washing after wards.

    In brief to be on guard.

    Thanks to all for the feedback..


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