Saturday, October 2, 2010


It was a great tune.  Frank Sinatra did it, but I was into the one by Eumir Deodato, the long playing and cassette format, with an impressive arrangement of Zarathustra, by Johann Strauss. It was the theme used in the film Space Odyssey. This
was a favorite of your humble, misanthropist servant.  The other marking a period of my college days, The Planets, by Gustaf Holst.  I still have the worn out records,(Deutsche Grammophon) after 36 years.

The tittle is just for effect.  The matter is containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.  The variety is wide: aluminum mangers, lead style fiberglass urns, stone baskets, Versailles tubs, peach stone trough, old style lead planters, and fiberglass window boxes.

For some reason I never wrote about the subject.  All the above could enhance, expand the aesthetics of your garden to new heights, literally.

A word of warning or caveat emptor, anything built out of plastic will look like shit, with the UV rays eventually. 
Think about it twice.

I mention this after checking a so so garden in one Caribbean blog.  When I zoomed at the picture ALL the plastic pots had changed color with the sun.  They looked unkempt.

I will not write much more since you got the idea. I prefer fiberglass, metal or terracota.  One important issue is irrigation, depending on what you plant, you will have to water daily or less frequently.

This is what I have. Most  are under roof in the driveway: Ipomoea batata, Wedelia trilobata, Chlorophytum comosum, Dracaena marginata,
Myosotis, Zamia, Turnera subulata and Barleria repens.

Gardening, besides pragmatics (dirt, insects, diseases) is  a work of aesthetics.  You will be able to transform your garden with containers. 
When moving them, for example. Changing plants, using color, height and texture for the composition. It will transform with the seasons or your desire.

Apaga i vamonoh.


Thanks to my far away fellow bloggers for the suggestions on this issue, they are appreciated.  After spreading a half inch of pine needles on most of the beds, the damage has decreased dramatically.


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