Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kepa Junkera + Rolando Luna - Rekalde · Iturrigorri · Maume · Dantza con...


Somewhat sick of my stomach, when I visit any of the multiple Lame Blog Guild Productions, I place this music from Kepa and Rolando.

I would like to see a production within this context of music from: Ireland, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Rumania, Argentina and  Puerto Rico to name a few.

It is about time that the average islander make an effort to stop dying of nothing, with that robotic like smile so often found as if there was much to be happy about.

Gardening and music. Thank god if there is one, even if not. Juat the jeck.

Enjoy and repeat after me: Long live the music with swing, without absurd overwhelming  percussion.

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