Friday, December 17, 2010


I check many blogs. Some daily, others once a week or monthly.  The best ones, or the ones that pull yours truly are from desert like places in USA, others from Asia and Oceania...

I wasn't until this morning that I became aware that not many can claim creating a garden in any abandoned property. I have.  

The space in the former hospital is looking great.  Over two hundred Cosmos seeds collected are evidence. The Canavalia, Agave americana, 3 Pandanus, Merremia quinquefolia in situ, still around.

Creating a drought, heat, resistant  'garden' over debris is unusual, the imagination has to be stretched to appreciate the beauty of the whole.  Monarch like butterflies said hi,  while the seed collecting.

Two thirds of the seeds were later spread in the grounds of the abandoned house next door, down the street, after sweeping and pulling out some weeds already dead by Glysophate, the only chemical allowed in concrete cracks around over the One Hundred Collection.

To end quickly I have concluded that many blogs show mostly things out of context, with great color definition and contrast, because there is probably a polluting lawn to be hid on the premises.

Focusing on this or that, allows to hide the unconscious, selfish, ecologically incorrect fact.  For example,  the gardener 'fashionista' from Barbados, mentioned recently the great pleasurable smell of mowed grass in her prairie.

Time to go...Apaga i vamonoh...

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